Thursday, February 19, 2009
Synchronization of Your Potential


Will the month of July and August be a turning point in my student life? *pondering*


I have never come to a better understanding and realization of how significant and meaningful is of every note that is installed on the grand piano until Tuesday night. The different keys from C to B. The scales, chords and so on. When it sounds so beautiful....

During one of the leadership meetings, we were assigned to think of a metaphor which best symbolizes our own cell group. Our leaders plus members. Any metaphor that most fittingly describes our current members or envisioned members and visitors for the coming times. Orchestra? Football team? Ants?

Whilst we were brainstorming through some of the metaphors, Chris popped out with this picture of an acoustic grand piano. Little explanation plus reasoning behind it, i was then reminded of how accurate and meaningful of this metaphor to our group.


To me, every member denotes each key on the piano. Different key. When one note is played at a time, it just cannot produce such complete tone. Yet when the proper collaboration of various notes are played at the same time with the right rhythm, it definitely releases a better flavour. That is what this metaphor is all about, every member is potentially blessed with different talents and abilities, no one is created to be the same just like the notes on the grand piano.

Yet when these minor or major talents from the people are unleashed and utilized it to the max, you will be wow-ed by the hidden potential and strength that one has. Also, if one of the notes on the grand piano is spoiled, we as leader, should find tune of the damaging key and tune it to the right pitch. It also means that if one of our members is not in the healthy or right condition, we as a team, should help each other to find tune with one another. And together, let's hit the melodious chords as one.

Yes, you are one of those keys on the grand piano that plays a significant part in adding tonality. And thus, i call it the Synchronization of Your Potential.


Little side track. I myself is not a piano player, yet i really admire people that can play tuneful mixture of chords. Up to now, I can master only 4 chords, and i don't seem to be able to connect these chords into a nice tune.

Posing nia la...

I will keep trying and trying. Keep learning and absorbing. Nonetheless, i really admire especially talented guys who can play piano or the keyboard. Humble people, of course. I mean, when you can sense an add-on feeling into the playing. It is entirely beautiful..!! This is when i will say, The Piano Speaks.

I just .................A-D-M-I-R-E!!! Don't you?


Particularly this guy above, Christian Tang a.k.a my shepherd. The moment when he hands down on the various notes, your heart melts instantly.

Chris, I want your fingers!!! =P