Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Wash my babe


Somehow i just like this quote shared by Pastor, "If you are only seeking for the look and appearance, you are merely marrying A Shell".

Sounds amusing, yet lies with complete truth yea!


I know this is my responsibility to do so. Conceivably, this is known as an onerous responsibility for every car owner to shoulder. It is one thing that most of us will not want to do. Yes, i am referring to Car Washing.

Chinese New Year is approaching. Everything must look refreshing and brand new. My study room is now overlaid with utter blue. *grin* Yea!

Thus, getting my car a bath is a must!

The pride

Apparently, there is a lack of trustworthiness in me, as a husband. *cough cough* As far as i can recall, i have bathed her for only 3 times since the very day i married her. How unfaithful i am.

But, what if i catch you with your unwashed car? This is what i'm going to do.

Nice artwork huh?

Graffiti-ing your car! *evil laugh* Just prayerfully that the owner of this sabor-ed car will not take revenge to my car during CNY.

Better wash my babe by Friday.

Have you bathed your car already?