Thursday, December 25, 2008
What do you think?


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First of all, blessed Christmas to all of my readers. Yes! This is the day, a significant happening where the whole wide world's Christians or even non-Christians will be celebrating this awesome feast as one.

Everyone loves this very day.

What makes this 25h December so special? Why do i actually call it the day?

For sure, many have known that it's Christmas day. But what makes it even more special is the birth of Jesus in the manger, what makes it more significant is the birth of our Lord, our Savior. My Lord, my savior, your Lord and your Savior.

Of course, 25th December is not the exact date of His birth. But this is just a date to signify His birth 2000 years ago.

However ...

Christmas, this word, is no longer been celebrated appropriately in such days. Not to doubt that, over the many years, Christmas has been actually linked to Santa Claus and so on. Whereby, people think that Christmas is just all about buying gifts, receiving gifts and giving gifts to all. No other meaning behind it. It has been brought to the perspective of giving out gifts.

What do you think?

On the other hand, in the contemporary world, the interpretation of Christmas day has become a commercial occurrence. A time that people treat Christmas as a relaxing day, no workloads to be stressful about. With more sales hoping to be seen in the malls.

No offense to this position. But is Christmas in all respects all about plug, commercial, promotion and so on? What do you think?

What do I think then?

Indeed, I think that we should not ignore the origin meaning and purpose of Christmas. To all Christians, believers of Jesus Christ, let's once again believe that this special indication -Christmas, is not going to be just another rest or public holiday for us, but a time where we can spend time, quiet down our mind and ponder upon the wonderful Savior. The birth of this Savior. He's the reason we live.

Not being churhie or holy here, hehe... but of course, if there's the origin meaning and truth behind the word -Christmas-, why not knowing the truth rather than paying no heed to it right?

Wow! This season, i happen to stumble upon this song entitled "We are the reason". Its lyrics go well and paint overall of the picture of Christmas, the reason of His coming. Click on it, load it and enjoy listening.

After all, there's no harm and lost of investing 5 minutes of your time to just listening to a song right? Hehe..

Hope this song blesses you.

Let's live Christmas with Christ, not X'mas without Christ. Cheers!



Xmas is still Christmas, the X is the abbreviation of Christ in the Greek letter chi. It's not actually removing Christ from Chrrstmas. However since few know this fact I guess many people will use Xmas to exclude Christ from Christmas. (Xmas/Christmas)

Then again, let us consider something more, if we exclude Christ in Christmas then there won't be any reson to celebrate Christmas at all. Just my point of view. Hehe!


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