Monday, December 22, 2008
The Golden Job


I wish i'm in Singapore now....this season...Christmas season....


Touring around at Bukit Bintang is always a delight for me. A tempting street where you will find heaps of sky-high shopping malls and humans flooding the lane. The combination of different lightings has definitely turned this street into a beautiful sight, especially when it comes to late evening.

It is just so vivid.


Not only that, this is the street that is completely jam packed with throngs of vehicles and humans. Trust me, you will freak out to see how KL people actually "potong kereta". Salute eh.


While i was strolling around at Bukit Bintang like a strayed fella on the third night, I stumbled upon this funny showman. Weird uncle.

Something that i have never imagined of.



Yes. Looks cool huh? A bald uncle who has completely painted himself in gold, entertained the public with his creative garb. Everyone rushed to him for snapshots.


Everyone loves this golden uncle, including me of course.


Don't laugh. I know this uncle can bend his knee much lower than me.

Posing and taking a snapshot with this uncle is never free of charge. He kept hinting the crowd to make some donation to him if we want to pose with him. As kind hearted as i am, I donated Rm 2 for him. Yea, there you go, my Rm 2 worth of posing.

One thing that i have been waiting for during the photo taking is to force wait for him to open his mouth and show me his teeth. I wonder whether did he also paint his teeth in gold. Hmm..

Perhaps next time after i have retired and laid off, i can consider doing such job. Standing at India Street, shave my head bald, paint myself in gold and start fooling around with the public.

Or possibly if i ever happen to declare myself bankrupt after becoming a golden showman, i can switch my work to this:


Yea, you know what i mean right?


Hey I snapped a picture of the golden unker dude and blogged about it a while back too ahahaha...

By Blogger robin, at Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 12:11:00 PM GMT+8  


robin: lol...then i should have a check! =P

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 5:46:00 PM GMT+8