Friday, December 12, 2008
Life without limbs, live a life without limits


Doulos, the so called Titanic Library is in Kuching until 2nd January 2009. Gear up and let's go!


Santa Claus is not coming to town, but Pastor Nick Vujicic is coming to Kuching on this Sunday.

Here's a man whom i admire a lot. I did mention him before somewhere in my blog. A man without limbs yet lives a life without limit in God. An ordinary man just like you and me, yet has a BIG heart for God and for the people around. Someone whom i am thoroughly inspired!

I will attend the third section which is 7.30pm at ACS building. Of course, i am not crazy about him. But i am encouraged of a life that is completely devoted to HIM. Probably an unfortunate guy that is born without limbs yet he is able to live out with the joy of the Lord. I admire.

One quote that he mentions many times, "A life without limbs, live a life without limits."

Don't miss his testimony! See you there!


Powerful man of God!! Think I will be going to that session also. See ya there...probably... :) GBU bro!! Nice banner...luv it...

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 3:22:00 AM GMT+8