Thursday, January 29, 2009
Banana Foochow


I have visited 28 houses in two days. Sounds cool yea, yet it's thoroughly EXHAUSTING!...Still, it was fruitful!

Perhaps i should nickname it, "Marathon visitation".


In case some of you are still unaware of my dialect, I'm a half hokkien and half foochow. Daddy is a pure foochow and mummy is a pure hokkien. So does it make me a foochow?

Most probably?!?!

But then, I am a banana foochow dude. I can't even speak more than 10 words of this dialect. *don't laugh* The one and only sentence which my friend has taught me is "Ni toh leng wu kuo nah seh mo..?" Means (Have you done your BIG business just now?) Hence, everytime when i meet a Foochow, the only foochow sentence that i can verbalize is that horrible sentence. Lol.

Such a terrible start up. Even since i was young, daddy did not speak foochow to me and with me. Thus, 20++ years down the road, i am still as blur plus banana as before.

When time passes, I slowly realize how foochow language is actually vital and useful for my future career. Perhaps, it may not be as mandatory as you rate it in your walk of life. But to me, i still think it's essential. I just need a willing private tutor to be extra patient with me. *grin*

Great! New aim for this year! Prayerfully that i can master the basic of foochow by the end of this year. At least 50 good and virtuous sentences.

Can i achieve it?