Friday, January 23, 2009
Chinese New Year Dishes


Why is everyone so so so addicted to Facebook these days?

Including me of course...=P


During my last Tertiary Group, we had Chinese New Year Dish competition. A mini contest where all of us can unleash our potential in making Chinese New Year Dish. Potential Chef People like me will definitely value this opportunity solidly to release in reassuring the world that Johnson can cook! *grin*

Don't puke.

Three groups in all. Each group was required to utilize the items or cookies that have been brought and prepared, and produce a dish that aligned with the Chinese New Year Theme within 8 minutes. 8 minutes is obviously insufficient! Even cooking maggi mee will take us more than 8 minutes. True ka? I don't know eh. *grin*

The clock was ticking. Commence! I was in Team Three. With the limited resources that my group members brought, we tried to crack our mind and brainstorm of what Chinese New Year Dish to present. The most creative one of course. *Blank Blank*

Team One -Arranging the oranges-

Team Two-Presenting its peanut-

And our Team Three!

Team Three-Cutting Cucumber

Attempting to be like Chef Gordon Ramsay by cutting that cucumber. Still, how on earth that cucumber is related in the making of Chinese New Year Dish? Don't ask me. I also have no idea. =P We had finite elements to construct. Only cucumber, carrot and orange >.<"

And suddenly, **KA BOOM** inspiration comes on impulse when our group started to hand down. I finally know what to construct with those food. Trust me, you will rate me as a horrible talented chef after this.

Still constructing.

8 minutes had passed. Time's up! Everyone stops. The moment has come for every group to unveil their dish, its name plus the purpose of this serving. I was cracking hard to figure out a good and appropriate name and the definition to resemble our dish.

And i found it! You will know it later.

#Team One#


Team One basically focused more on this year's The Bull and the word, Fu which personifies prosperity. Sounds cool! What makes this dish looks bizarrely unique is the crafted carrot bull on the plate. Have a closer look and you will know what i mean.


Why does this Bull look like Piglet?!?!?!

#Team Two#


Its direct translation symbolizes "Year Year got fish". Direct ma. Personally, I like its detailed piece. It is neatly structured. *clap hands* Let's call it the Sweet & Sour Fish.

And BEHOLD!! The moment that you have been waiting for! Proudly allow me to present to you, our Team's Chinese New Year Dish!!! **applause**




Impressed? Or speechless? .... Don't laugh. *piak*


And Chef Johnson tried to put in words of its purpose and explain the meaning behind 龙的传人 . But the other members keep laughing and commenting that the dragon(cucumber) looks like sea cucumber or a blue whale. swt...

And one guy said, instead of the tower that represents 人,it looks more like 招财猫, Zhao Cao Mao. -__-"


LOL...!! Insult my . Haha ... Anyway, it was indeed a great competition. Everyone enjoyed the never ending jollity and creative piece, along with the intimate involvement of the three groups. I am delightful!



Chinese New Year is approaching. It is on this coming Monday. Time is ticking fast. Prayerfully that the Chinese New Year mode is injected into your mind now. Better be. If haven't, quickly go and knock the wall.

Hope that you guys are almost done with your spring cleaning. Be more diligent a bit la... My hope for this year's Chinese New Year is not just merely house visitation or conquering Bak Gua (which is of course a must do task for me la..), but is to really see a deeper conversation and more fruitful and quality visiting to every house. I hope to know my friends' parents more if i have a chance. I hope to relate with my relatives more if i have a chance.

My prayer is, "May the Lord, our God strengthen your relationship with all of your families and relatives during this reunion. May this feast be a productive gathering for all. Amen."


Blessed Chinese New Year 2009 Peeps!

How i wish all of my grandparents are still on earth ....... guess that this Chinese New year will be slightly quiet.

My hope.