Monday, February 9, 2009
BBQ you


What would you do if your pants were accidentally torn during badminton? lol! It happened to me on Sunday though. Swt...


For the past few days, there was an unanticipated warfare in my house. Not me with my family of course, but it was my family with a creature. A disgusting and just sickening creature sprinting around in my house for three days. Weeks before, i spotted this creature during my room painting. I speedily grabbed hold of a broom and 'hockey' it out from my house and 'golf' it to straight to the main road and my brother used the water hose and gushed it directly down the main drain. *cruel*

We thought it was over, but it hasn't.

Just last week, mum spotted the same creature in the washroom! Perhaps it's the sibling? And mum was freaked out and so did this creature, it ran quickly into the tiny hole and vanished. We couldn't catch it. Exactly on the next day, mum saw this creature in my study room. And we tried to catch it, but we failed. It just vanished in the dark.

A few hours later while i was sitting on my couch and playing with my laptop, i saw a dark moving shadow right in front of me. Not hantu la... Felt frightened curious, i stared at the same spot and i saw this creature in my living room! I quickly grabbed my broom from the back and tried to 'hockey' out that creature from my house. But i failed. It ran soooooo fast. And up it went to the air con's back hole. I failed again.

Yesterday, mum called my brother at late afternoon and told him that she stumbled on this creature *again* in the kitchen while mum was preparing to cook. Without much hesitation, bro and I flew back home and grabbed the broom and hurried to the kitchen. This time round, we were smart enough to not only use the broom but also this deadly weapon,

The Ridsect!

We sneaked to the back of fridge, underneath the table and dispersed the ridsect all around like mad. It was rowdy. For a moment, the entire kitchen was filled with this killing scent yet still we couldn't find this creature. Air pollution. Harmful breath. Heat space. Even so, it seemed like this creature managed to survive from being poisoned. I wonder if we keep on spraying the killing ridsect, we may be the one ended up struggling with the poisonous scent and fainted on the spot..haha!

**Boom!** The creature suddenly appeared behind the plates. We quickly chased it with the broom but its speed was way too fast. My friend had this idea of using plastic bags to trap it. And this creature tried to hide and fled from us. It was like a crazy battle. Life and death? Life for us, and death for that creature!

And yes! The creature was finally caught! What is this creature that i have been talking about?



Disgusting..!! Yuckiee....!! My friend dumped the plastic bag under the HOT blazing sun to heat it. To be more exact, barbecue the rat. With this kind weather, should i show any sympathy to it? **pity the rat**


Is it over? I don't think so. Last night, while i was heading to the kitchen to grab some drink and switched on the kitchen lights and suddenly, i heard a quick dash near the plastic bag area. It seems like something is trying to hide away. And i was nearly freaked out...i switched off the lights and quickly walked out from the kitchen.

I wonder, could it be a cockroach? A lizard? or..................the another BIG FAT RAT?!?!

Please don't tell me, there will be another new episode of battling....*yell*