Sunday, April 13, 2008
Santa Cruz F9212


"We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving." -Swami Chinmayananda -


Still remember of my laborious working life in Kenny Rogers?

Even though it's just a one month plus plus of working period, yet it's undoubtedly filled with much memories. It's truly arduous yet tremendous when i reflect upon it. I believe that without a proper motivation, surely I couldn't work for such a long period. Proud to declare that buying Electric Guitar is the ultimate motivating force that spur me on.

Went to check my salary on last two weeks, and i was preparedly stunned to check out that Kenny Rogers had actually given me bonus for my salary. I mean, beyond what i'm expected. Thank you KRR Thank You. Probably they give me such gratuity because my performance was a thumbs up. **cough cough** Who knows. =P


That's my hard-earning salary.

I know it sounds really silly to invest this money in buying an electric guitar. I could have utilize it for better usage. Yet I'm not that idiotic k. I'm using it wisely. What to do. Playing musical instrument is one of my passions. Getting an electric guitar is also one of my desires.

I have been playing guitar for more than seven years. In spite of that, the acoustic guitar that i'm currently using is not fully possessed by me. I wish i could have one.


Went to Lepo Music Centre on last Saturday afternoon. I was utterly excited and keenness to try out the guitar that i wanna buy. The moment that I everyone has been waiting for!


After a few try-out, at last i found my sweetheart and bought it. It's comfortable. It's likable. Waited patiently for many months and my aspiration of getting an electric guitar has finally come to fruition. I'm content. I'm satisfied.

Behold! Let me make known of my sweetheart to the whole world!

Santa Cruz F9212


Read it properly. Her name is Santa Cruz. Not Santa Claus k.

One of her features that captivates me is the golden tuner. It's gold in color. Gold Gold! Kinda outstanding tuner compares to other guitars.



Too bad that the strings are corroded when i bought it. I should request the Tauke to change the strings for me at the first place. **Forget forget**

Her Body


Actually I don't really fancy black colored guitars, as in they look super rock and wild. But, this black Santa Cruz looks pretty glossy and reflecting with its black shade.


The controller


It comes with a cool controller which allows the tone to be switched into Rhythm or Treble. Cool Cool.


Like a shiny mirror.


I do like its distinctive body shape compares to other designs. It's unique. Especially when it comes with golden plate and pickups. Which certainly going to add on to the feel, touch and the gleaming look of the guitar.


The entire guitar looks like Les Paul's Gibson design. Copyright version. =) A pure Gibson guitar would cost around few thousands dollars!! Pricey eh. It's okay to get a plagiarized model right? And it costs less than a thousand. Affordable.

This Santa Cruz F9212 is just so fulfilling. Although it's slightly heavier in terms of weight. Yet, it feels like a Gibson. It sounds like a Les Paul. It looks like a Gibson.

I'm happy now. At least i committed myself to work hard for every single penny to purchase this guitar. So no complaint.

**Evil laugh** This is the last model that you can find in Lee's Music Centre. Or should i emphasize, in Kuching!! And I bought the last model! Yahoo!!

Thinking and hoping desperately that the Tauke could give me some guitar parts like guitar strap and cable without charge. Hoping and keep hinting the Tauke. Unexpectedly, what i received was indeed beyond my expectation!!

It's a Rm2.50 guitar pick!


Wordless. Why the tauke so Kiam Siap wan~~~

Next thing to purchase.


A Guitar Amplifier

How to rock the world without a guitar amp eh~~ -__-"

Now i need to rearrange my time schedule. Slot in one or two hours in for guitar practicing. It will gonna be lots of fun and craze when the time has come for Johnson to rock the world! =)

Personally, i don't really do well when it comes to saving up money. I'm weak and horrible in that sense. Yet, learning to discipline myself consistently in saving up such huge sum of money to purchase things that i really desire does bring great satisfaction to my so-called achievement. Cheers!

Still, all glory be unto Him! =)




Can I try her out ka? =P

By Blogger saykhia, at Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 7:36:00 PM GMT+8  


There is a few things I wanna clarify.

There is still a cousin guitar hanging in Les Paul. Haha!

Then the pick is "stolen" when u went to test guitar with me. lol!

After that, the amp that Eric hold is mine. XD

Lastly, I got the freebies.. That makes u jealous... :P

Ok lar.. I have to thank you a lot for helping me in guitar testing and advices.. *Bow 90*00'00". Haha! See u this Thurs!

By Blogger Ezekiel, at Monday, April 14, 2008 at 5:53:00 PM GMT+8  


saykhia: haha.. can can, but u must protect "her" properly.. DONT ever pass her to Eric. He will for sure going to spoil her.. haha..

Ezekiel: apalah.. wana ppl credit u ha?? say la.. haha... i know you should be super grateful to me cas i stopped you from buying that RED ibanez.. happy boi? haha... I'm gonna get a super cool amp.. wait and see...Hehe!

By Blogger Johnson, at Monday, April 14, 2008 at 8:39:00 PM GMT+8  


haha...finally u found ur sweetheart and get it...wait so long liao ho...haha
ur sweetheart look nice le...must take good care...haha...
and improve ur guitar skill too haha :)

By Blogger Tiong yienG, at Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 12:55:00 AM GMT+8  


yeah Your Santa on a cruise is black and not dark blue.. haha Anyway, it looks very nice!! (^ ^)

By Anonymous auDrey, at Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 8:40:00 AM GMT+8  


Oh yeah!! I already read this post about Santa on a cruise. SO you can't say i didn't read or not a faithful reader anymore. haha!! where is my spaghetti that you said you wanna send over to my house two nights ago? =P

By Anonymous auDrey, at Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 8:43:00 AM GMT+8  


Would you call that an electronic wife?

By Blogger Eric, at Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 12:19:00 AM GMT+8