Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Eggy Sheep


It has been an uphill session for me. After a ceaseless battle against my assignments and exams for these few weeks, it's always great to be back here. At least, i'm done with one exam today and would perhaps defer my other assignments to semester break.

Relax dulu! The battle is still on-going!


Since i have been away for quite some times, I'm certain that you guys miss me loads, As a token of my apology, I'm swapping this lengthy post with you. So, be a little grateful laa... Gisshhh...

Allow the picture below kick-start of the entire content.


**meh meh**

Cute? Yea. Adorable? Yeapss. Basically that's what i'm going to rattle on incessantly throughout this post. It is all about sheep



sheep. **meh meh**

First and foremost, what characteristics come to your mind when the word, Sheep is being mentioned?

Cute cute cute cute cute cute???



Papaya-ish, as what i like to say. Perhaps the snapshot doesn't really portray out its very own personality and feel. In fact, based on the appearance above, it's contradicting. Where got sheep look like that wan~~ The sheep doesn't seem to be that grinning compares to this sheep below,




The life expectancy of a sheep is somewhere between 10 to 20 years. However, the length of a sheep's productivity life tends to be much less. This is because the female sheep as known as ewe, usually begins to decline at the age of 7. As a result, most ewes are removed from their flocks at the age of 10. It's also difficult for ewes to maintain their body condition when their teeth begin to break down.


Sheep are timid, nervous and easily frightened animals and for the most part defenseless against predators like coyotes and wild dogs. Though outwardly sheep may appear to look endearing and blameless, yet you never know that lots of hungry buffy wolves out there are hunting for these innocent lives.

Instead of using the word, Wolf, I should use Sek Lang. LOL!


Sheep are also gregarious and company-loving animal. They flock together in large numbers in groups for protection. Predators will usually go after the outliers in the flock. Due to their timidity, sheep will easily scatter away. Their only means if survival is to flock together in large and huge numbers, not to run towards the predators as whole of cause, but to run away from predators.


**meh meh**

Sheep don't like to walk on water or move through narrow openings. They would prefer to move uphill and downhill.


Do you know??

Sheep have a strong instinct to follow leaders. Even from birth, lambs are conditioned to follow their senior and older sheep of the flock. For example, when a sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest will usually follow along. Even if the lead sheep jumps over a cliff, the rest must likely jump over too. Strange yea.

Sheep need Guidance. Security. Direction. It's difficult for them to live independently.


For this reason, there's a so called hero for all sheep, whose duty is to protect the sheep, feed the sheep and gather the sheep in one. Who le? Shepherd la...

Shepherds play such significant role in growing up each sheep, protecting the sheep from becoming Lamb Chop for those Sek Lang. With the help of the crook(the long stick with a hook shape at the end), shepherds are able to Wong-Fey-Hung those Sek Langs. I mean snagging back those naughty sheep by its neck.


Say no to Lamb-Chop.

There's different between a hired hand and a Shepherd. A hired hand is hired to take care of the sheep, but when there's predators' attack, the hired hand will first run away like chicken and abandon all of the sheep. Meanwhile, shepherds will protect their sheep from danger. And again, do some Wong-Fey-Hung in front of the Sek Lang.

Not Willian Hung ok.


In my last Youth group, I was assigned to take charge of a simple game. As Johnson as I was, i cracked my mind to think of something cool and creative and new, of cause!

Out of no where, this idea just popped out spontaneously. The idea of using an egg's shell and wrap it with some cotton wool and design a sheep through it.

Eggy sheep.

You will be amazed of the members' creativity and incomparable masterpiece. This is when I believe real expertise, originality and potential from the members are tested and revealed.

Trust me, you gonna like their sheep heaps.



On your left, you have sheep with specs.
On the right, you have a Lion-of-Judah-wanna-be sheep.

Why on earth did (you know who you are) color the sheep's head in orange and yellow. Bukannya Lion~~


Wait! What is that thingee on the right?


Huh? What is that?!!!?? Monkey??



Okay, at least this look more like a proper and normal sheep. At least. **phew**

Moving on.



What on earth is that creature??

It looks like a mouse!!! Tikus!! I never know that Sheep looks like that~~~ Seriously, it will be utterly shocking if there's any sheep with wide mouth/smile and enormous eyes. Gonna scare the hell off those Sek Langs for sure!

Prayerfully, i will not stumble across such sheep. **cut throat**

By the way, do you know that a sheep that has rolled over on its back is called a "cast" sheep. Meaning to say, this sheep may not be able to get up by itself. Yea. It's that bad. Sheep that fall are unable to get up if there's no help provided by the Shepherd. Cast sheep can become distressed and can die within a short period if they are not rolled back into a normal position.

Really sad ho. That's why every sheep need the Shepherd's help and guidance.

What happen if they are on the back for some time?


Yea. That kinda of crazy look. Eyes guling and guling up and down. Good making for illustration. LOL!


How about Johnson's own self-design sheep??!!??!!

Eager to see??




It's incomplete. I know it looks like Ah Pek.


Nah, that's my 100% complete Sheep. Cute le ..... =P

God is indeed so wise to use the sheep as the metaphor to help us to fathom how helpless and defenseless we are without the Great Shepherd. The guidance. The protection. The security. The provider.

Candidly, sheep do stink to certain extent. Just as the same that all of us do stink at one point, yet the Great Shepherd is still busy cleaning us up.

Just like the Potter molding the clay.


And all of the sheep say "Cheese"... **meh meh**


Nice eggy sheeps. Haha Where did you get the idea to make an eggy sheep? Thanks for making one for me for my birthday! haha I appreciate you sacrificing your beauty sleep to make it till 12.30am. haha

By Anonymous audrey, at Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7:46:00 PM GMT+8  


audrey: welcome. The idea of making those sheep just popped out in mind spontaneously. So, i don't know where it comes from. LOL! And you better give and make me a super duper nice persent for my bday. eh.. haha!!

By Blogger Johnson, at Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 11:32:00 PM GMT+8