Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Hot Chocolate!


First of all, DAP will going to conquer Kuching and is conquering Kuching by now! =)

Secondly, this is serious and true. If you do read the newspaper, you will come across with these few sickening and fearsome cases which have occurred in Stapok area recently. Robbing! Yea, this is not just another common robbery. But it's related to a bunch of inhuman burglars that uses pistols as their wrongful weapons to rob the public. Pistol man! No kidding. Frightening and sickening.

Who knows, it might be just a toy gun. A prank? But still, heartless. Cruel. Ruthless.

Nonetheless, let's be more observant and alert whenever we are going out or even on our way back home. Don't take things for granted!

No play play! Bring a hammer whenever you go. It helps, i promise! =P


Chocolate's lovers, you will gonna love this post loads.

Do you know that Cafe Cinno in Hilton serves splendid Hot Chocolate? Don't know? Okay, you better take note now then. Personally, i'm not a complete Chocolate lover but i do like Chocolate though.

Abubu is undoubtedly an addicted Chocolate devotee. Everyday he consistently craves for more chocolate. It was last week that i accompanied him and helped him to fulfill his dream which is clearly to try out the Hot Chocolate at Hilton.

He ordered and i watched him luxuriating. Pity me, I need to control my saliva from dripping out while starring at him relishing in drinking that cup of Hot Chocolate. Giisshh... Kudos to Abubu for successfully enticed me.


By viewing at the snapshot above, you can already differentiate the Hot Chocolate in Hilton compared to those Kopitiam's. It's special. It comes with a mug of hot milk and another extra mini jar of warm milk. Not those cheap-bitter-sour milk. What I mean is, absolute fresh milk! Serious.

More to say, it costs only Rm 8. Reasonable. Everyone can afford it. Not me. Unlike those in Starbucks where you get charged for more than 10 Ringgit per cup.


Plus, Cafe Cinno does not serve second-rate Chocolate powder. They serve rich Chocolate sticks, which is obviously C.O.O.L and satisfying indeed! It makes everything special.

Immerse those Chocolate sticks into the hot fresh milk. Let it deliquesce slowly. Stir it steadily. The Chocolate is then perfectly blended together with the fresh milk. Or should i say, superb mixture!

Sip it a little at a time and let it stream down through your throat unhurriedly. Nyam... Abubu, you got me tempted!

No regrets, it's fulfilling!


Sip it! And all of your blues will evaporate instantly!


hahaha...chocolate is so nice...i like chocolate so much...wow...this few day eat a lot of chocolate, getting fatter liao..:P that cup of hot chocolate look so nice...it sure very nice de...hehe

By Blogger Tiong yienG, at Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 12:03:00 AM GMT+8  


I just love CHOCOLATE!!!!

By the way... I never know that a hammer can fight a pistol??? I wonder how.

By Blogger pmp, at Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 12:18:00 AM GMT+8  


I LOVE CHOCOLATEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Think I've seen this hot chocolate drink at Hilton b4 but not sure if I have tasted it b4...so when are u bringing me there bro?????? :)

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 5:11:00 PM GMT+8  


tiong yieng: haha.. i eat super banyak chocholate also manage to maintain my slim-ness.. haha!!

pmp: u can throw the hammer at the burglar ar... duh~ or hit the toes..

mr. W: u should bring me eh! haha!... since u like chocolate heaps, u should name urself as Mr. C.. hehe!

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 5:49:00 PM GMT+8  


*Licking the screen... Sorry but I just couldn't resist it..

*lick lick lick..

By Blogger Ezekiel, at Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 12:51:00 PM GMT+8  


omg... im salivating at 2 am now... zzzz...

looks too good... dammit

By Blogger Berberboo, at Friday, March 14, 2008 at 2:00:00 AM GMT+8  


ezekiel & berberboo: that's the bad thing of reading my post. You cant predict when will i post something yummy. hhaa!!

By Blogger Johnson, at Friday, March 14, 2008 at 9:15:00 AM GMT+8