Thursday, September 25, 2008
Digging soil


I'm loving Papaya Juice.


I had my Soil Investigation fieldwork done on Monday. And it's fun. Thoroughly fun.

Each group of six is assigned to conduct a site investigation near Swinburne area and classify the soil of a site by using a hand auger. With the given hand auger, we are required to drill three boreholes to a depth of 1.2m-1.5m deep and collect the sample.

Sounds very simple yea?


After drilling to a certain depth, the soil beneath will be taken out from the borehole and intelligibly being categorized. And the classification includes the strength, colour, particle size, moisture condition, plasticity and so on. Complicated.

Probably the description may seem a bit straightforward whereas the process of penetrating through the hard soil and getting the disturbed soil are actually horrible and arduous. Prior to my actual trying, my initial thought of this whole digging process would be interesting and easy. But when we started to push auger's head towards the unbreakable ground and start rotating it ...

...everything changed.

It's so hard!


With the combo strength of 5 strong guys plus one macho lady in a group rotating and forcing the auger to bore a hole in, we could only manage to reach 0.50 m, which is obviously far from the minimum requirement of 1.2m.

0.50 m??!!! that's terrible.

By the way, if you haven't know, our soil group name is GeoLaLa. o.O Don't ask me why and don't laugh. Even i, personally have no idea why on earth that we choose GeoLaLa as our group name out of the millions and millions of good names to plump for. GeoLaLa??!!

Perhaps, creativity, uniqueness and childishness of a group name will bring extra umph to the spirit during fieldwork. And yes, it's proven practically. Even though, we only managed to drill half metre down, we did not give up easily. We persevered.**push to the max**

Go GeoLaLa!


It's not easy. The ground is so stubborn and impenetrable. The soils are like rocks. We are not bulls laaa....

Out of the blue, someone came out with this weird and ungodly brilliant idea from nowhere. I was amazed not because of the instantaneous idea, but owing to the cause that i was the guinea pig for this try out.

Take a closer look and please don't get scared off.


Don't laugh!

I am NOT hugging that guy. I am just leaning my arms over his body and trying to support my stability. And that guy whose head looks like sticking at my back, is trying to support my left weight from toppling over. So, please..... I'm purely innocent k. LOL.

I know this snapshot appears to be a little obscene or perhaps, too smutty. But c'mon people, this is what we called Brotherly-Love. *grin* Hmm...doing Brotherly-love under the hot blazing sun and in front of Swinburne campus? Sounds so wrong eh... I wonder what would the public think if they bounce unto this scene from far.

Johnson's market price will definitely drop drastically.

Anyway, even with my 54 kg vertical body weight added straight down on the auger's force, it could only manage to drill down the extra few centimeters. Wasted my energy. See how nowadays, even guys are so desperate and wanted to take advantage on me publicly. lol...

Don't **cher*** ... i was not the only one that was deceived by these two guys but somehow both of them managed to swindle my another friend in ....


I thought we are supposed to do Soil investigation?? What are we doing instead?? Okay, this snapshot looks even more wrong compares to mine right? Two guys and two spectators.

Anyway, the entire process of drilling was taxing. Super tiring. Plus the blazing sun was baking us. No sufficient water was provided. 3 hours of constant digging and digging were challenging yet fun.

In the end, after the long dehydrated fieldwork, we, GeoLaLa with all of our heart, our strength, our mind, our soul, could only manage to drill 0.80m. =( whilst the other group managed to drill until 1.22 m.

Everyone was exhausted. After drilling, collecting sample and classifying the soil, we need to unbolt the instrument, but we faced some technical problem of unlatching the auger's head.

Once again, with all of heart, strength, mind and soul...


It was stuck!

Perhaps what i can suggest is, my group leader to treat everyone of us a can of REVIVE. Who knows it might aid a little bit in our strength.


I enjoyed the soil investigation heaps. At least i have fun with my group members.


Not this kind of fun, of course.. =P


oh man...u ppl are so funny...hehe...
and look like farmer tooo
i want to try coz it look fun le...
u ppl no enough heavy ...i think i better abubu sit on it...:P

By Blogger Tiong yienG, at Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 12:17:00 AM GMT+8  


knot...if abubu sit on it, then the whole auger cannot rotate anymore.. haha!!!

By Blogger Johnson, at Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 10:43:00 PM GMT+8  


Hahahaha. 1st time i see ppl doing soil investigation by that way. Funny. Is this Swinburne lab style???

And remember: We MUST wear full covered shoe on site. It's the basic rule for any laboratory and field work.

By Blogger pmp, at Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 10:55:00 PM GMT+8  


if u were to have me sit on the thing, i would have gotten the job done easily. the stick will go into the earth all the way..haaahaaa

By Anonymous keith, at Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 11:49:00 PM GMT+8  


pmp: lol...that's purely swinburne's style. And because of not wearing any shoes and boots, i was stung by those nyamuk... itchy!

keith: haha... yea, we should call you next time. Maybe you will drill yourself down to the soil and can never get out.. haha

By Blogger Johnson, at Friday, September 26, 2008 at 5:42:00 PM GMT+8  


hey johnson,
the latest borehole I did (more like the one i assigned the site personnels to do) was 60m deep LOL.
Was trying to find the rock layer but could not, it must be further deeper into the ground.
But hand auger is generally used for softer, natural top layer material lar, i think your samples collected there would have been compacted fill, mostly dense hard sand anyway.

By Blogger robin, at Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 1:39:00 AM GMT+8  


Can you please don't drag my market price down with you kah? Hahaha.

By Blogger Eric, at Monday, September 29, 2008 at 1:26:00 AM GMT+8  


robin: wow.. 60 m!!! that's insane! Surely it will take me one whole year to dig it that deep with only a hand auger...

eric: Lol.. this is what we called, "good friends" share same market price.. haha!

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 6:27:00 PM GMT+8