Monday, August 25, 2008
My potential fingerprints


It was told that the petrol price has dropped by 15 cents. Do you know why, people?

I know ...


Last Saturday was Swinburne G-R-A-N-D Opening.

What makes it grand is the opportunity i have to be part of the choirs to sing the Anthems. Yet, what makes it more grand is my two hands:


The bike

I placed my two hands on the handle and snapped a picture with the police bike. Don't **cher** eh... How often can you place your both hands on those vast, deluxe and sophisticated Police bikes?

At least, i took up the courage. *wink*

Even so, what makes the G-R-A-N-D Opening even more grand is my fingerprint. People, never ever under estimate the capability of my fingerprint. Why?

Simply because:


Taib's Rolls Royce has my fingerprint on it. Forever and ever. Don't *cher* eh. How often can a person plant down its fingerprint on Taib's car?

I know this snapshot is of incalculable value; still, don't get jealous yea...