Saturday, August 9, 2008
Preparation for Bako Trip


It's Beijing Olympic 2008! My full support is to Lee Chong Wei!!


How many of you have actually been to Bako National Park? To be more direct, how many of you have actually heard of Bako National park? None?

To be frank, even i myself have never heard of the word Bako until one or two years back. Pity me though.

Nonetheless, i'm going to Bako National Park tomorrow! Yes! My first ever! I have done a bit of research of it and this is what i'm anticipating forward:


The well-known Big Stone

It's a famous C-shape rock that is widely known. If you have never seen this rock in picture, *tsk tsk* I am grieving for you right now.


Wild boar

I heard that these wild boars can eventually be spotted in the cafeteria! Mingling around you, with you, beside you, while you are makan-ning. *gish* I am definitely NOT hoping to see those wild boars behave like those insane-tiger-wannabe dogs.


Proboscis Monkey

I know it looks a bit scary and utterly odd. Just imagine it's just another ordinary monkey with an extraordinary Big Red nose. *puke*

I'm getting myself prepare now. Camera on deck. Gonna make this virgin trip a memorable voyage for sure!

Stay tuned for heaps and heaps of surprising shots.


Oh no bro, should have seen this post a bit earlier on to warn u of the monkeys....are u still alive after the trip? I really miss Bako National Park a lot...been there when I was a very young kid...I've always liked to visit Bako kampung there when I was a kid...lots of "ma ki" to catch..but I discovered that whenever I brought them home, they won't survive long...that place brings back lots of memories...I think should go back for a visit soon...btw, the reason why I know a lot about Bako is bcoz my dad's family was from can u just heard of it 1-2 yrs ago? Gosh...the stone that U put up there is a tourist spot here in Swak...hope u enjoyed ur trip there....should have asked me along...isk isk... :D

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 1:47:00 PM GMT+8