Saturday, February 9, 2008
What a wrong fight at the wrong time and at the wrong place


They say if you happen to see any mouse runs around in your house, it's a good sign. Ermm.. then how about if i chance upon a dead tikus??



No pictures. All words.

Someone please show some mercy on me! While you guys are enjoying your fruitful visitation, here I am, busy working and earning money. Never mind, at least there's triple pay for today. *smile*

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year. Until now i still haven't even got the chance to wear my new clothe. Pity me! Am so caught up with my working schedule. No more working for the next few days. Will start off my mission tomorrow! Conquering BAK GUA!

Anyway, I'm here to blog about something horrendous and sickening happened this morning during my work. Something that you will scarcely find it crop up in any food outlet. Runaway bill? Customers fainted? No No No...

It's a F-I-G-H-T! I repeat, Fight Fight Fight. World Wrestling Entertainment in Kenny Rogers.

Yeap, sickening fight between one of the workers and our manager. Worst to say, our manager is a lady! Worst to say again, there's lots of innocent customers at that time.

It was such a beautiful and unruffled morning. And as usual, I was busy serving the customers, and unexpectedly there was a sudden loud yell from the kitchen. It sounded something like this, "%$#@#~!&". Okay, you try to interpret and visualize that word. At that moment i didn't really want to bother about it. Awhile later, more shouts blurting out from the kitchen.




The atmosphere instantaneously became hushed. Everyone was looking at each other. Filled with curiousity, every worker ran to the kitchen to suss out the actual incident. Customers started to get annoyed by the loud shouts and screams and wonder what the heck is happening inside there. Of cause, i am not that kepo. But still a little kepo, I went to have a peep from outside. And noticed that there was one worker, standing arrogantly and showing his no-muscles chests, scolding the manager right straight into her face. For goodness's sake! She's a lady! Behave la guy!

My instant notion was what the heck is this guy doing? Why is that sickening guy keep screaming and yelling so loudly if everything can be settled noiselessly, properly and peacefully. No self-control ka? Gisshh.. Whether it is who's fault first, it should not be ended up in such horrible scene. Even if the sickening guy does not have any self-control plus wanting to show his coolness, he should at least consider other customers outside enjoying the delicious meal ba.. Gisshhh.. This is not a wrestling's ring k...

More to say, i was an order taker at that period. How am i going to hide my face and explain to the customers~~~ This dreadful scene continued for another 10 more minutes! At last, the manager walked out in tears. Pity her. = ( Thinking that everything has resolved in the kitchen, **have deep breaths.. phew**

Suddenly, that sickening guy rushed out from the kitchen like an insane freak and wanted to attack someone. What the heck! All of the customers were shocked and looked at that monster. Seems like he's demon-possessed. Thank God there's this saviour risked his life to grab the monster tightly and pulled him back to the kitchen his cage.

And it's over. Thank God!

Candidly, it disgraces Kenny Rogers' respectability heaps. Even i am so paiseh of that happening until now. Gisshh..

Later as i found out that actually the manager tegur-ed that guy of not doing his task. Just because of this little issue, this guy started to make nothing into something and something into everything. Worst to say, The worker actually took out a knife and wanted to do something (okay, i don't know what kung fu action) and accidentally cut the manager's lip during that fight. How if the knife unwittingly hurts her eyes? **sigh**

No professionalism at all. Bad attitude. Everything is then back to normal. Everyone tried to ignore the incident. The supervisor then called some security guards. Yet the security guards helped absolutely nothing. -_-"

Polices and the monster's dad were then arrived. Hopefully everything has settled. So sorry to my colleagues who are on-leave today, you have just missed the wrestling match! LOL

I'm quite certain that the poor little kid has just eaten his "Fried Sotong" by now!

What a disgraceful circumstance!


Aiyer.. de worker so violent 1 ar??? oh my.. den de manager how le??? is her lips okay o not??? Small cut onli o wad???

By Blogger ~Laura~, at Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 1:50:00 AM GMT+8  


GOSH!!~~ Terrible are ppl gonna look at us kenny rogers now!! Tht guy mmg byk siao la...saw it last time dy. He kicked off a chair and argued wif her(victim) whn he confront her abt his working days.. Heard abt the stock shortage and 'red' tissue paper usage bin ar!!! NOT the 1st time dy. Poor system n poor management is all i can say... Paiseh also work in this kinda place...kenny rogers..blah!!~

By Anonymous =.=, at Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 1:54:00 AM GMT+8  


Walau walauuu so cool!!!!!

Ok la, i mean, its bad to happen and surely jatuh maruah de, but such a creepy cool incident...

Shud shut the idiot in jail.

By Blogger Daniel Chong, at Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 7:44:00 PM GMT+8  


laura: haha.. you haven know HOW super violent they are~~ Erm.. it's just at the left lip. Not sure whether it's deep onot, but i'm sure that it did bleed lots..

=.=: yeayea, we have been through it.. and nevermind la.. 2 more weeks to persevere. haha..

Daniel chong: haha.. now you know how horrible is the Spring's. U should be grateful that you are "secure" at Boulevard's. LOL!

By Blogger Johnson, at Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 8:40:00 PM GMT+8