Saturday, February 2, 2008
Worst Movie of the year


I'm supposed to work from 10am to 6pm today. And again the manager asked me to go back home at 2pm. Meaning to say, I only work for 4 hours instead of 8 hours! This has happened a lot of time already not to me only but other workers too. **sigh** I'm so fed up with this unaccountable management. How can i reach my aim if this continues to occur. **sigh again**

Do you know that there are currently 58 workers in Kenny Rogers??!!! That's freaking loads.

Workers are more than customers. -_-"


After being forcefully invited over and over again by my friends to watch "The Spartans", i finally agreed. Candidly, I'm not that keen to watch this movie. Firstly, it's a plagiarism show from the movie 3oo. Secondly, everyone knows the plot of the movie so no point paying another ticket to watch it again. Thirdly, **bla bla bla**....

Yet, with my kind hearted spirit, i'm willing to accompany my friends to watch. Wishfully, it will give me a good laugh after a whole of hectic shopping.


Premier Ticket.


Rm 8 only?

If i'm not mistaken, usually premier tickets will cost around Rm12-15 each. Despite that, it's still cheap for a premier movie. Rm 8 nia..

Sit there with deep exhaustion and awaiting for some scripts to cheer me up.




After 1 hour...

The movie ends.

Huh? That's all? Yea. This movie is super terrible. Wasted my money and especially my time! It lasts only 1 hour plus plus. I didn't laugh much during the show. Bored bored bored. Not to deny, lots of the scripts do bring negative criticisms towards certain celebrities, yet i don't find it funny..

Please don't watch it. Save your Rm8 and buy other DVDs... =P Currently it's the crowning point in my Worst movies of the year 2008.

Okay, i have complained much. **Stop stop** Anyway, there's this movie that I hope it will contain thorough entertainment.


A must-watched cartoon!

Lesson of the day: "Good movies are not cheap, Cheap movies are not good." Period.


Some movies do require a lot of sense of humor. Refer to Avery for more details. =D

And stop with the period thing ba. Sounded so ang moh.

By Blogger Eric, at Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 2:53:00 PM GMT+8  


American's jokes are sometimes really super duper hard for us, Malaysians to absorb.. Chimnology.. Btw, this is my blogging ho.. whatever words i use is up to my flexibility ho.. Ang moh or not ang moh to me, is still english. :) Once again, PERIOD. LOL

By Blogger Johnson, at Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 1:41:00 AM GMT+8  

---------------------------------------------------------- thanx no thanx...cuz ur blog is added to make life easier and and and can let my frenz to read oso...keke...^^

By Blogger p a n d a, at Monday, February 4, 2008 at 9:35:00 AM GMT+8