Wednesday, February 6, 2008
The Chinese Celebration


It has been already more than two months since i last flipped my text books. In fact, i start to miss those schooling days. : (


Chinese New Year ohh Chinese New Year...

Kuching will once again be in a vibrant war when the clock ticks chun chun-ly at 12.00am.

If you are stuck in some other country and can't fly back to your own respective hometown to celebrate this feast with families and relatives. No worries, don't commit suicide laa just buy a can of Coke, an orange, few cookies, some bak gua and celebrate it yourself. haha..

One of the Chinese's traditional beliefs is that if you wear red underwear during Chinese New Year, you will be very lucky or prosperous for the rest of the year. Belief is still a belief. Yet
today during my last minute shopping with my friend, i was so happened to stumble upon this even-more-kiasu-prosperous's underwear.

#ta da#



Am sure that once you wear it, you will not only be fortunate for merely a year but a whole life!



During my work, i happened to bump into another two acquaintances.


gods of prosperity. Chai Sen

In lieu of holding actual ang pows at the hands, they helped in prompting our Home-Baked Fillet. Gishh.. worst to say, they replied me in English when i first talked to them in Mandarin. **weird**

Ang moh version's gods of prosperity.


Anyway ...

I am certain that everyone is now in readiness and excited for this Chinese New Year. New attires, new footwear, new hairstyles, everything new new new. Eager to put on yea? But besides than just focusing on conquering bak gua, collecting ang pows, sapu-ing the cookies and so on during our visiting, I believe that this is also an influential season where relationships can be enhanced and deepen through visitation.

I personally encounter this situation where a friend that i have not been contacting for quite sometimes out of the blue called me up two nights ago. Thinking of wanting to yam-cha with him quite a while already. So truly this CNY is the best opportunity to meet up with him. However, he asked me that if i don't mind of the lack of food and drinks to be served when i visit him. Of cause, i don't mind. :)

After pondering for a minute, i realize that many times we are so caught up with how many houses to visit, whose house to visit next and even how long should we be in one house and many more. Yet we failed to cherish the little portion of time that we have with the particular person whom we are visiting. The significance meaning for relationship building. True right?

So, dress presentably, act politely, talk virtuously, drink slowly, eat properly, be a righteous influence in our speech, example, love and purity.


Blessed Chinese New Year to all of my beloved readers and Internet junkies.


Haha bro...great to see few more new post and I just had to leave comment for this post in particular. I like the last part of this reminds me of how little time we have for some of our dear friends and relative sometimes and thus, should always appreciate every little moment....and how come didn't see u visiting me? Sigh....hehehe...

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