Monday, June 23, 2008
The Great Influence Of A Mentor


Recently people have been commenting on my body size. "Johnson, you am getting thinner and thinner." It's a bad news of cause, because all this while i have been trying my best to gain more weight. And i failed.

But the good news is that I'm gradually transforming into Tom K-u-r-u-s! Envy?

Perhaps, John Kurus?



How do you define a mentor? An experience person who trains, advices and coaches you in every aspect of your life. As for now, i'm going to pen down how great is the influence of my mentor towards my life.

**Caution: Long writing ahead. Enjoy hurting your eyes.**

It was exactly 7 years back when i first met up with this guy. Back then i was just in Form 1 and this brother was back then my temporary science teacher for a couple of months. His way of teaching is kinda interesting and different compared many other moody teachers. His smiley face has really captured my attention to realize that this teacher was actually friendly and approachable compared to the rest of my subject teachers.

Since then, i started to enjoy each of his teachings. Weeks have passed. Months have passed and this brother has stopped teaching the class. And his presence vanished from then.

I remembered around that year i attend a Church service at Rajah Court as a visitor. Unpredictably, while i was on my way to the car park after the service, i happened to stumble upon this brother who was the exact looking guy that taught me science. I remembered clearly. However i was a little unconvinced and doubted whether he was really my science teacher or not.

As Johnson-nish as i was, i tried to overcome my embarrassment and called "Eh, teacher...!!" with the courageous spirit. Providentially, this guy turned around and looked at me and replied spontaneously, "Hey...!!!". Thankfully he replied to, if not i would definitely be red-faced and disgraced in front of the public by my booming words.

I remembered at that moment, when i called him, his genuine smile shined brightly on his face with a big hand wave to my direction has really brought me back to reckon upon his first few weeks of teachings during my science class. Hey, he's my teacher before! His wide smile has really given me a sense of joy and homelike feeling as a new visitor to a church service.

Later did i know, he's one of the Student leaders in this Church. Amazed indeed.

Until today, i have known this guy personally for 7 years. These 7 years have been so significant to me and it's absolutely not just another momentary years.

Serving in the church with this brother is really worthwhile.

At all times when i see him around in church, his consistent smile places on his face has invariably enlightened my days. Every time when i look at him, his smile, i mean really super wide smile, i just couldn't help but to turn my mourning into dancing. His undeviating smirk appears to be so friendly, sincere and true.

Smile. Thus, this leads me to a comprehension that a smile is actually contagious, potent and remedial. Since than, I never under estimate the capability of a single smile. I learn to be more joyful and enthusiastic at all times. Even when he's facing difficult circumstances, this brother still wear such bright and sincere smile on his face. It's encouraging for sure. At times of sorrow and downcast, when reckoning back on him, smiling spirit just flows in my heart and expression.

I learn to give a smile to anyone that i meet. I learn to smile even when i am in the midst of going through tough situation.

Wisdom and encouragement. Apart from that, every time when i get a chance to communicate with him in person, words of encouragement and wisdom would flow out from his mouth on impulse to comfort me. And this has definitely given me extra boost to get inspired and keep standing firm in my Christian life.

Speech. His companionship next to me at all times does make me feel sheltered and secured. The vibe is like a spiritual elder brother taking of me. Through that, I learn the importance of virtuous speaking to one another. Through this brother's speech example, i learn to change my bad habits and improve my speech. It's true that an encouragement spurs someone to move on and a discouragement causes someone to give up. Thus, i become more aware of speaking more blessings and words of morale boosting to people.

Why? Because i have many times been encouraged by this brother's words. And now it's time for me to bless others.

Prayer. When i was a young believer, i always remembered whenever pastor asked us to pray two by two and whenever this brother was happened to stand beside me and he pated his hand over my shoulder and prayed for me. His prayer was just filled with much wisdom and integrity. Through this, i learn to capture his boldness in praying for people. He reminds me to pray earnestly and verbally with one another.

Sharing God's words. His enthusiasm never fail me to realize how true the Word of God is to him and when he share to us, his conviction and assurance of every scripture that has been preached have spurred me on to indulge in learning the bible even more. I learn to get excited every time when i share the Word of God. The excitement just overflows in my heart. I captured his example.

Mission. Started with only this brother and few members, he pioneered a church in Kota Semarahan. And to date, there are 50 plus members in Hope Kota Semarahan. With this, it makes me realize how significant that the Great Commission is to everyone of us. I capture the spirit of evangelism from this brother. The urgency of sharing the love of God to the people around. Every time when i see him or his name been mentioned, one word that will always pop out in my mind is the word Mission. Yea, it's true. Mission is the heart beat of God.

He provokes me to increase my passionate spirit to serve God even more. He motivates me to be enthusiastic in serving the Lord. He encourages me to believe in myself to grow more spiritually. He shows the example of dancing with joy while praising the Lord. He encourages me to be more courageous to lead the youth ministry. He invigorates me to take up greater roles in church ministry.

Over these few years, this brother indirectly has coached me, trained me, taught me, inspired me, motivates me, shepherded me, advised me, nurtured me and most of all, impacted me heaps.

Who is he? None other than, Deric Law himself.


Deric is not only once my secondary school temporary teacher, but this brother has indeed appeared to be my strong mentor, a living example and a biblical leader to follow.

As it has written in 1 Corinthians 11:1 "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ."


Me and Deric.

Picture taken last Monday before he departed to Kazakhstan.

I thank God for Deric. It's awesome to have a guardian angel who believes in my little capability and simple faith and he makes me realize that i can do something greater, bigger, wiser and extraordinary for the Kingdom of God.

I'm much blessed. =) Hope this post blesses you too.


great post! ^_^ I didn't know Deric was your teacher. He was my Lower 6 Maths teacher le. Hehe.

By Blogger flora, at Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 8:56:00 PM GMT+8  


flora: haha.. that time he was only 22/23 i think. He's old! LOL

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 8:06:00 AM GMT+8