Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Touch Down


Believe it or not, I never know i can write while sleeping until yesterday during my geotech tute. Yea, don't believe? Yea, me too! lol!


Apologize for the delayed updates. I am kinda occupied with my church upcoming Youth Leadership Camp which is held on this coming weekend. Busy busy. I am assigned to be the overall Programme Coordinator in whole. Hectic hectic yet filled with much spontaneous creativity every time when we do the brainstorming.

"O.N.E" Youth Leadership Camp

Yea, simple and easy theme "O.N.E", and it holds both inclusive and exclusive view of being a Youth Leader in a church. The theme design is based on the American Football players' concept, which indicates of the significance in working and teaming with another player in a "game". I'm just so excited! Three guest speakers from Y-Hope Singapore will be coming over and do the impartation! *woot!*

Meanwhile, we, the committee members are working together in high speed to get things done properly before Friday. Gonna have my hands off from blogging right now. *Prayer is much needed*


There you have, the "American Football" team committee. Lol!