Saturday, June 27, 2009
Is now no more


If you have the time, just type in "We are the world-Rehearsal" in Youtube and enjoy watching.


I'm on holiday mode now! *grin*

It was no doubt a tense preparation for the past three weeks. I had tried my best. *exhale out*


The wide spaced table was once scattered with piles of scribbled foolscap and cluttered lecture notes is now no more.


Black Forest and White Chocolate Dream were once our temptations remedies in the midst of hectic revision are now no longer needed.


Even at the very last minute before exam, you could easily stumble upon students grabbing their books firmly and trying to memorize and swallow every word they could. Okay, i'm one of them...hmm..

The moment i finished answering question five on the last page of the paper, i peeped at my watch and I knew at once that freedom is awaiting outside of the examination hall for my sniff. Had my final check at all of my calculation, scribbled some nonsense answers, tied my sheets together and i was ready to rush off my seat.

Soon when the examiner uttered "You can leave now.." *scattered*


Every student dash off from their seats and grab their belongings and leave the hall instantly. I felt 10 kg lighter when i stepped out from the hall. The weight of learning i absorbed all these while had vanished right after that. *grin*


Guess that the library ambience which was once crammed with bookworms and last minutes heroes, plus the noisy and stressful aura, is now no more. Quiet and solemn place for now.

Just like that, my Year 3 Sem 1 is over. For now, i'm preparing myself for my exchange programme in Melbourne. *grin again*


Quote: "The weight of learning i absorbed all these while had vanished right after that".


By Blogger Eric, at Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 3:52:00 AM GMT+8  


Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 5:03:00 PM GMT+8  


Sunday, June 21, 2009
Unspoken Voice from Dad


Two papers to polish off by tomorrow and i am still trying hard to squeeze 1038472027103804 words into every single corner of my brain capacity. Praying hard that these words will stay input till 5.00pm.


It's Father's Day. Have you wished your dad yet? =)

I have.
It has been nearly two months since i last see dad in person since dad will be away for traveling most of the time. The fact is, since young, dad has been crossing around various places to work. Being a marine architect and senior general manager of Bumi Armada company in Singapore, I comprehend that his working life is never easy and soothing. Many times, dad has to cope with the different weather condition from various countries and eating habit when he goes traveling, as a result of this, dad will easily fall sick due to his restless health. *sobs* Nonetheless, Dad will usually be back home twice a month or at least once a month during weekend.

I remember every Friday night when i reach home from church, the moment when i see dad's black formal shoes placed neatly in front of the entrance door, i know instantly that dad has reached home! *utter joy* And only through this, i can have a little glimpse of dad in person and have a quick chat with dad before dad goes on bed.

Dad will normally sit on the crouch, watching tv show and asks me "How's my day in school and church?", "How's my study?", "Did i help mum in housework?". And his unchanging statement "Remember to study hard now and your life will be much easier when you work in future" will utter and remind me over and over again.

Since young, i do envy your dad who works in Kuching and the window opened for you to relate, communicate and play with your dad in person everyday makes me miss my own dad lots.

It's Father's day today. Mum told me this morning that Dad is now in China. I told mum that i will text dad after dinner. Text-ing dad and wishing him Happy Father's day are probably my first time of doing it. Breakthrough.

Hours ago, I just text my dad and wish him "Happy Father's day and May you stay healthy and happy all the time, from Johnson, Roger, Morgan and Mummy." When dad replies minutes later, five simple words appear on my inbox screen, and dad writes "Good boys and family team..". Instantly, an utter joy lightens up my smile and tears filled my eyes. Although it is just a frank language to many of you, but these five words, to me, have deeply ensured and assured me that my dad is doing well out there and dad is reading my wishes from far. It makes and comforts my day. Indescrible.

No words i write can every say how much is my desire for my dad to come home soon, sit beside me and ask me those typical questions. I miss his voice. I miss his shadow. I miss the quarell. I miss his teaching. I miss his presence. I miss his physical love and care. I miss my dad.


Yet, i will not give up in praying earnestly to my Heavenly Father to constantly watch over my dad and guide my dad out there, bless my dad with a good health and journey.

This is how i celebrated Father's day. It's meaningful to me. How about yours?


Very touched bro...U r a good son and a good bro...take care always...appreciate you much..GBU bro... :) Am sure your dad is proud to have you as his worries..our Heavenly Father will surely look after your dad as well.

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Monday, June 22, 2009 at 1:13:00 AM GMT+8  


hahahahahahahaaaaa.... :)

By Anonymous Keith Chong, at Monday, June 22, 2009 at 11:13:00 PM GMT+8  


Mr.W: thanks. =)

Keith: *piak* laugh pulak..haha!

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 1:56:00 PM GMT+8  


Tuesday, June 16, 2009
New leaf


All the best for your exam!

Just had my Road paper this morning. Next paper on coming Monday.

In less than 40 days, i will land my feet on the second largest city in Australia -Melbourne- Woot! Here's place where i always long to catch a brief of its living experience since young.

I finally received my Student Exchange offer letter from Hawthorn campus three weeks ago. This Student exchange enables students from Sarawak Campus to complete a semester in Melbourne by paying Malaysian fees. By all means, since i am selected, i don't need to spend more than Rm150k just to complete my remaining degree programme in Melbourne. *exhale* I am in much itch to go for this exchange programme. Melbourne, here i come~

The funny thing is that i am the only Malaysian who will represent Swinburne Sarawak campus for the coming exchange programme. Hmm...let's hope that i will behave like a proper Sarawakian when i'm there. Haha!

Till then, i hope that i am in much preparation for this cross cultural exposure!


Thursday, June 11, 2009
Parts as ONE


Off to full-time study mode!


Wow! I'm gonna share this to you all. I just came back from my Tertiary Care Group, and we had this kinda funny and fun game. With 5 groups formed, each group was assigned to take charge of different human body parts and then unify the parts into a human figure.

The interesting part about this activity was each group was assigned to cut out relevant pictures and words from old magazines and newspaper to personify the meaning of each part. Our group was allocated to outline the head.

20 minutes later, this was our creative and amusing work!

*Don't laugh! Piak!*

Looks cool right? Try to have a guess what does each word and statement symbolizes. The eye...the nose...the ear....the mouth...the mind.....*enjoy cracking your mind!*

Back to tight revision!


Yo bro..this is really nice, great piece of artwork...and really interesting...the things u guys have chosen to represent each part of the head....great great...Jia U!

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 1:32:00 AM GMT+8  


Thursday, June 4, 2009
Beating the air


*Welcome back!*


It is now Week 13. My first final paper, Road Engineering falls on June 16. Strained. At the moment, I am still on my running track, trying to complete my two assignments and two presentations. These few days will not going to be easy and comfortable for me though.


As for me, the poor little marathon runner above, is still enduring on the track of tight schedule and assignments and casting away every weight beside me, I still hope to give in my very best. Knowing that I will have a less comfort and quality sleep for the coming nights, i still find my strength increase in the fresh air whenever i look straight up to the finishing banner which stated largely *Holiday!* Yeap, that's my umph for now!

Do keep me in your prayer. =)


OMG i have never seen that face of yours... sooo ugly~

By Anonymous Keith Chong, at Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 6:05:00 PM GMT+8  


Monday, June 1, 2009


I am having severe body ache now..why? I ran to and fro from Santubong chalet to the beach like a crazy sprinter.

If you don't know how far is the distance, go have a run and you will then be on the same boat as me: The ache boat =D


Whilst i'm sticking my butt on the wooden chair and brushing up my two assignments at these ungodly hours, do have a look at this unpremeditated snapshot below.

I found this pretty amusing and spontaneous.

short skit

Perhaps this is the right time to implement the famous saying "A picture speaks a thousand words".