Thursday, January 29, 2009
Banana Foochow


I have visited 28 houses in two days. Sounds cool yea, yet it's thoroughly EXHAUSTING!...Still, it was fruitful!

Perhaps i should nickname it, "Marathon visitation".


In case some of you are still unaware of my dialect, I'm a half hokkien and half foochow. Daddy is a pure foochow and mummy is a pure hokkien. So does it make me a foochow?

Most probably?!?!

But then, I am a banana foochow dude. I can't even speak more than 10 words of this dialect. *don't laugh* The one and only sentence which my friend has taught me is "Ni toh leng wu kuo nah seh mo..?" Means (Have you done your BIG business just now?) Hence, everytime when i meet a Foochow, the only foochow sentence that i can verbalize is that horrible sentence. Lol.

Such a terrible start up. Even since i was young, daddy did not speak foochow to me and with me. Thus, 20++ years down the road, i am still as blur plus banana as before.

When time passes, I slowly realize how foochow language is actually vital and useful for my future career. Perhaps, it may not be as mandatory as you rate it in your walk of life. But to me, i still think it's essential. I just need a willing private tutor to be extra patient with me. *grin*

Great! New aim for this year! Prayerfully that i can master the basic of foochow by the end of this year. At least 50 good and virtuous sentences.

Can i achieve it?


Friday, January 23, 2009
Chinese New Year Dishes


Why is everyone so so so addicted to Facebook these days?

Including me of course...=P


During my last Tertiary Group, we had Chinese New Year Dish competition. A mini contest where all of us can unleash our potential in making Chinese New Year Dish. Potential Chef People like me will definitely value this opportunity solidly to release in reassuring the world that Johnson can cook! *grin*

Don't puke.

Three groups in all. Each group was required to utilize the items or cookies that have been brought and prepared, and produce a dish that aligned with the Chinese New Year Theme within 8 minutes. 8 minutes is obviously insufficient! Even cooking maggi mee will take us more than 8 minutes. True ka? I don't know eh. *grin*

The clock was ticking. Commence! I was in Team Three. With the limited resources that my group members brought, we tried to crack our mind and brainstorm of what Chinese New Year Dish to present. The most creative one of course. *Blank Blank*

Team One -Arranging the oranges-

Team Two-Presenting its peanut-

And our Team Three!

Team Three-Cutting Cucumber

Attempting to be like Chef Gordon Ramsay by cutting that cucumber. Still, how on earth that cucumber is related in the making of Chinese New Year Dish? Don't ask me. I also have no idea. =P We had finite elements to construct. Only cucumber, carrot and orange >.<"

And suddenly, **KA BOOM** inspiration comes on impulse when our group started to hand down. I finally know what to construct with those food. Trust me, you will rate me as a horrible talented chef after this.

Still constructing.

8 minutes had passed. Time's up! Everyone stops. The moment has come for every group to unveil their dish, its name plus the purpose of this serving. I was cracking hard to figure out a good and appropriate name and the definition to resemble our dish.

And i found it! You will know it later.

#Team One#


Team One basically focused more on this year's The Bull and the word, Fu which personifies prosperity. Sounds cool! What makes this dish looks bizarrely unique is the crafted carrot bull on the plate. Have a closer look and you will know what i mean.


Why does this Bull look like Piglet?!?!?!

#Team Two#


Its direct translation symbolizes "Year Year got fish". Direct ma. Personally, I like its detailed piece. It is neatly structured. *clap hands* Let's call it the Sweet & Sour Fish.

And BEHOLD!! The moment that you have been waiting for! Proudly allow me to present to you, our Team's Chinese New Year Dish!!! **applause**




Impressed? Or speechless? .... Don't laugh. *piak*


And Chef Johnson tried to put in words of its purpose and explain the meaning behind 龙的传人 . But the other members keep laughing and commenting that the dragon(cucumber) looks like sea cucumber or a blue whale. swt...

And one guy said, instead of the tower that represents 人,it looks more like 招财猫, Zhao Cao Mao. -__-"


LOL...!! Insult my . Haha ... Anyway, it was indeed a great competition. Everyone enjoyed the never ending jollity and creative piece, along with the intimate involvement of the three groups. I am delightful!



Chinese New Year is approaching. It is on this coming Monday. Time is ticking fast. Prayerfully that the Chinese New Year mode is injected into your mind now. Better be. If haven't, quickly go and knock the wall.

Hope that you guys are almost done with your spring cleaning. Be more diligent a bit la... My hope for this year's Chinese New Year is not just merely house visitation or conquering Bak Gua (which is of course a must do task for me la..), but is to really see a deeper conversation and more fruitful and quality visiting to every house. I hope to know my friends' parents more if i have a chance. I hope to relate with my relatives more if i have a chance.

My prayer is, "May the Lord, our God strengthen your relationship with all of your families and relatives during this reunion. May this feast be a productive gathering for all. Amen."


Blessed Chinese New Year 2009 Peeps!

How i wish all of my grandparents are still on earth ....... guess that this Chinese New year will be slightly quiet.

My hope.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Wash my babe


Somehow i just like this quote shared by Pastor, "If you are only seeking for the look and appearance, you are merely marrying A Shell".

Sounds amusing, yet lies with complete truth yea!


I know this is my responsibility to do so. Conceivably, this is known as an onerous responsibility for every car owner to shoulder. It is one thing that most of us will not want to do. Yes, i am referring to Car Washing.

Chinese New Year is approaching. Everything must look refreshing and brand new. My study room is now overlaid with utter blue. *grin* Yea!

Thus, getting my car a bath is a must!

The pride

Apparently, there is a lack of trustworthiness in me, as a husband. *cough cough* As far as i can recall, i have bathed her for only 3 times since the very day i married her. How unfaithful i am.

But, what if i catch you with your unwashed car? This is what i'm going to do.

Nice artwork huh?

Graffiti-ing your car! *evil laugh* Just prayerfully that the owner of this sabor-ed car will not take revenge to my car during CNY.

Better wash my babe by Friday.

Have you bathed your car already?


Saturday, January 17, 2009
Blue Painter


You just gotta believe this, i am given a One-Year-Free-Quarter-Meal @ Kenny Rogers Roaster. Yea, call me a Chicken Killer now. =P


The line, repainting my study room has always been in my 2008 commitment. One aim that i really would want to achieve yet i failed to carry out on last year.

Still and all, i have shifted this goal to this new year. And yes! I am on my way to fulfill this task. Trying to finish off before CNY.

Covering the edge.

Before i hand on to the roller, my initial thought of painting as an uncomplicated job. Regardless of how i view on it, painting, in real life, is not easy!

People who have phobia in height could scarcely do painting. You just cannot sidestep of using ladder stair. And yes, it includes me. It freaks me out terribly. Since young, I have abnormal fear towards high ground. I dislike roller coaster and so on. And i know i need to face this ladder somehow IF i want to paint my upper wall.

The height.

At the start, my whole leg was shaking like mad when i first climbed on it. Don't laugh. Thinking whether the step will break half way and i accidentally collapse and break my leg and die. And after a couple try out, i felt like standing on Eiffel Tower.

And realized i am no longer scared of ladder stair anymore!! Conquered! **cheer for me!**

Yea! Apparently, the identity of cicak man has gradually become visible in me.

Baby blue.

Anyhow, a little more left and i will complete my painting. Installing some furniture, arranging everything in order plus decorating some here and there.

Knowing that my Imaginary Study Room is converting into Reality Study Room, i just can't wait to get things done now!

Come and check it out during CNY visitation! =D


Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Self Control-less..


If the sky still pours out rainstorm, i am gonna start building my own version of Noah Ark. Let's call it, Perodua Noah Ark. =D


Where has my self discipline been? Where is my self control? **yell**


I am supposed to dig out some portion out from my super long holiday to sit down, gear on, and start practicing and polish up my music skill. Seriously man, this is my one of my uppermost plans.

But i have failed to accomplish.



One month has passed, two more months to go and i have yet to really really and really commence in my own practice at home.



Okay, better pluck out my slackness and start downloading more good Youtube videos and begin to jam on!


Thursday, January 8, 2009
Lizard? No way....!


And i think consider myself pretty smart of purchasing that cheap-pelak cooler fan, even though i have only used it for only ONE time. hehe..


Have you ever stumbled upon this sickening incident in your car?


I have no idea. Don't ask me why and how did it happen. I remembered clearly at that moment while i was about to start off my car engine, i accidentally turned my head to the left and saw this weird little looking creature hanging on my car door.

Filled with curiosity, i went to the other side and opened the door and check it out. Later did i know, it was a ....


...disgusting dead lizard...!!!

that has been mashed by both of the doors. Awful! Arrr...

And just yesterday, i again spotted another lizard crawling outside of my car window.


And right now, i am wondering "Am i actually the long-lost Cicak Man?"


What a coincident! I saw a lizard crawling outside my car window too.. But sadly I couldn't find it after I open the car door. The poor fella might just die in the car :(

Disgusting gecko...

By Blogger Ezekiel, at Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 8:53:00 PM GMT+8  


ezekiel: lol...both of us are lizard daddy..haha!!! At least the lizard did not die in my car unlike safe!! =P

By Blogger Johnson, at Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 10:32:00 PM GMT+8  


Monday, January 5, 2009
My 2008 recapitulation


I just bought a cheap pelak laptop cooler fan that worths Rm9.90. Should i say myself smart or stupiak? arr...


It is already the fourth day of 2009. Everything seems so refreshing.

Without much consciousness, I am unofficially 21 years old now, which is, of course, utterly unacceptable. As claimed by many of you, based on my *cough* young and *cough* energetic look plus vibrant character, i should be 17 years old. Forever 17. Yea!

Here you go, my very first post for 2009, entitled "My 2008 recapitulation". I will condense my most memorable and significant occurrences into ten points. Some really awesome things that I have encountered, which i would consider it of worth!

Enjoy reading!

(1) Working as a part timer in Kenny Rogers Roaster.


Me and keith.

It was in January while i was still having my mushroom holiday. Working in KRR was my first ever part time job. Prior to this, i have never gotten myself into any part time job application before. I will never forget how i actually obtained this job **it was so easy** and the appreciable experience i have gained in this job.

Speaking about KRR, i couldn't say much but just be so so grateful for the one and a half month of working in there. When you are exposed to the working world, especially doing serving, hosting, cleaning in such places, rather than sitting around in the office, trust me, you will really learn like mad.


Words could not describe the whole picture of what i have gone through there. The indescribable episode i have captured, the great colleague i have met, everything. It was just so meaningful!

Thanks Keith for being my buddy mate during those period of working. Miss the roasted chicken? =P

(2) Bought my first electric guitar


Santa Cruz

Playing musical instruments is always one of my passions. It is no doubt one thing that i really delight in doing since young. Before buying this guitar, I always yearn to get myself an electric guitar. With my own saving of course.

And yes! I did it in 2008, around April.


"Let all strings resound in praise".

(3) Got my first car!

Shocking shocking!!! Until now, I am still thanking my parents for this HUGE and surprised gift. Really. I could have never imagined of my parents buying me a car. Who could have anticipated that? What more to say, I am not allowed to drive parents' vehicles for the first two years when i have my driving license and out of the sudden ...



It was like a wedding vow.

.. dad and mum bless me with a brand new car. Certainly, I will still and always take good care of her. Even though i have only bathed her for four times. **errghh***

(4) Went to Bako National Park for the first time.


The heavenly view.

People always talk about Bako. Most of the Kuchingites have already been to Bako. And i had finally landed my both feet in Bako during August. Bako park was just nice. Nice. And nice. Clean sea water plus breezy cool wind. Also, I wouldn't going to forget the encounter between me and the fierce tiger-looking monkey.


Homo sapiens in Bako.

(5) Appeared in newspaper *again*

I remember clearly of Kuching City Day Parade 2007. Why? Because my face was published on the newspaper. Eh, newspaper oh. Should be proud eh.


Swinburne junkers

With my partial face covered with postal color, i don't think many of you could even recognize that skinny little dude, standing in the middle, was actually me. Poor me.

Just one year later 2008, at the same month, my face was posted on the newspaper again!


And this round, I got my face clean and shine brightly on the newspaper. Spotted me? =P Let's see whether history will repeats itself in 2009.

(6) Touched Taib Mahmud's car.

I know this sounds awkward and no big deal to you. But hey ...


The touch.

... at least i was bold enough to hazard my life to land my finger on Taib's car. Who knows, i might get sniped down by one of his ka-kia during the snapshot. Okay, extravagant.

(7) Working together with Bro. Torchie and Chris Bee from Hope of God Brisbane.

I have been serving in the worship team almost 5 years. Surely, it is and will always be a great experience for me. During May, i was given an opportunity to serve in drumming with two brothers from Hope Brisbane.

Incredible cooperation and experience for me though.


The team.

It was a joy for me to be able to work with different worship leaders and teams. I am looking forward to work and serve with other Hope centres' worship teams in the coming months and years.

(8) Was voted as Swinburne Prom King 2008

Gosshh..... who could have anticipated for this to happen? Who could have predicted that the man was me? No one. But what to do, fairy tale has come to reality lo.

You, yes you, just got to swallow this fact down to your throat. LOL. Ok ok. Be serious, Johnson.


It was absolutely an honor for me to scoop this title through my friends' votes. Thanks peeps. Don't worry, i will be a good hearted prom king of Swinburne. I will behave properly. LOL

(9) Got another BIG splash on my face during my 20th birthday bash.


Yieng, better be extra careful on your next birthday yea. *evil laugh*

What makes it more meaningful was when i have my baboons from Swinburne celebrating my 20th birthday bash together with me. Regardless of how hard and inconvenience it was for them to actually come out and gather as one, they still make the effort and sacrifice their time.


I do appreciate you guys heaps. I thank God for you! Some of them will be leaving Kuching this year. I am gonna cherished this group photo.

(10) Serve as a drummer boy in 13th Malaysian National Convention.

On the last month of 2008. As mentioned before, this is the one thing that i have always hoping to involve myself in. And with His timing, His way, i was trained up both in skill and spiritually to prepare myself along the years. To be exact, it was 5 years.


The vibrant team.

Woot! These ten points have basically wrapped up my greatest and memorable encounters in 2008.

Indeed, i have grown much in 2008. I have made a lots of mistakes, and i learned from every single one of them. I have failed in my character, and i improved from it. I have flunked in achieving some of my visions and goals, and i evaluated on my blunder.

For those whom i have hurt badly through my action, speech etc, please show some mercy and forgive me....Johnson is still under construction. *grin*

And so, 2008 is now a history. Turn to the next page, 2009.


Just yesterday, 3rd of January, there was a great earthquake in MBKS Sports Stadium. You just couldn't believe what have happened inside of the hall. 60 youths, with unlimited strength, doing crazy games!


Hellen Keller once said "The best thing about teamwork is, you will always have others beside you". How true it is!

Here's the last part of the War Cry. Watch it! Man, you just gotta see how amazing and funny these people are!

My motto for this 2009: "Live 365 days with J.C in 24/7". As simple as that. As possible as that.



Nice banner...nice reflection...nice it out bro!! Cheers to 2009!! Ganbatte for Jesus!! 21 is your first step into adulthood. It shall be an even more significant year for u bro. GBU!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 12:55:00 AM GMT+8