Sunday, April 27, 2008
World Vision: One Life Revolution


Chelsea beats Man Utd!! 2-1!

Don't worry. I'm neutral. =P


I was told that there will be an exhibition of One Life Revolution organized at tHe Spring on this coming 1st to 4th May. I am not thoroughly comprehend about the gist of the whole picture regarding of this One Life Revolution thingy. How this event is going to run. **Ponder ponder**

According to UNAIDS, there are approximately 8.6 millions living in HIV/AIDS in the year 2006. I believe this 8.6 millions are not just merely numbers, but there are actually lives! It is projected that 16 HIV cases are reported daily in Malaysia! Study also shows 225,000 victims are from Southeast Asia, the largest numbers of victims. That's a lot!

AIDS is the largest humanitarian crisis the world is facing, but how much do you know about it?


HIV/AIDS is one of the world's most devastating crises of all times. Globally, there are about 40 millions people currently living with HIV/AIDS. It's often the poorest and most vulnerable who become infected because of the limited treatment and health care. Thus, HIV/AIDS is setting back development in poor countries by decades. But it's not only just a disease to the poor. It's also killing for people from all walks of life. From parents to children to doctors to politicians.


Many people have this wrongful thinking and myth about HIV/AIDS. They think that AIDS is a punishment for deviant lifestyle. That is not true! The fact is, millions of the faithful spouses have been infected by their unfaithful partners. Countless of children have lost their parents. Millions of children have been infected by the tainted blood supplies, unhealthy cultural practices and so on. It's saddening to hear this.

Children who live with HIV/AIDS encounter unimaginable discrimination and rejection from the society.

Something needs to be done.

With these reasons, One Life Revolution is here to do something.


One Life Revolution
(OLR) is founded by World Vision US with the reason of uniting the hearts of the different people in United States as one and act upon the extremity of AIDS in Africa. Plus, it provides opportunities and opens windows for people to "walk in the shoes" of those hapless who have suffered the plight of social justice.

Due to its overwhelming response towards One Life Revolution, World Vision has decided to plant more seeds in reaching out to other countries and eventually this OLR has successfully given in big impact to the other nations, such as Canada, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and right now ..Malaysia!

If i am not mistaken, there is no OLC held in Kuching before right? Correct me if i'm wrong. =)


Why One Life?

The term
One Life is given in carrying out for this major project because one life can really make a BIG difference. True. Never ever underestimate your one life. For example: One little drop of cyanide into a wide pond and can kill all of the livings in there. That's how deadly and powerful of the little drop. Of cause this is just a really bad illustration. :)

What more to say of our one life that we are living out
now. Every contribution, every level of support, every little ounce of energy invested and involved in this project can really make a difference in one person's life. OLC believes that the revolution will take place in two levels: in the lives of people which need help and in the lives that people participating to help those who are in need of it.


It is not necessary to have a special quality to advocate for others, it is not a big word or only reserved specially for those who are knowledgeable or educated. It is simply for ordinary people who care enough to want a change for a better future, a better world for humanity. That's you!


I have never been to such exhibition before especially when it comes to HIV/AIDS showcase. It will be totally a new experience for myself to encounter. If this event runs well, I'm pretty sure that it will definitely be a great eye opener to the public to have a deeper understanding about the facts and the burdens whether if you are involved directly or indirectly for this project.


I'm not here to give publicity or beat the drum for One Life Revolution. But it has heartily created a deep burden for me to once again realize how fortunate and blessed we are right now and right here while the hapless children are in critical sufferings out there. Yet many times we still take things for granted and complain much but never give thanks. **sigh sigh**

One simple example would be speaking up and speaking out by merely explaining to your friends about AIDS/HIV victims through your experiences from the One Life Revolution exhibitions, if you have walked through their shoes. How sometimes, people are who they are not because of their choices; they do not have the freedom to speak for themselves. For us, the more privilege ones who have the freedom to exercise our rights, opportunities to advocate should be encouraged when they do come by.


They need helps and supports.

Hopefully that through this event, all of us will have a correct mindset of about this social issues particularly affecting the children in Africa. Filled with great awareness and compassion for the plight of others. See life through the unspoken and affected children's eyes.

This project One Life Resolution has touched down in the land of Kuching, prayerfully that all of us, by hook or by crook will try to be present at such infrequently held event. Especially in a town where we, Kuchingites are so hectic with our busy daily schedule. It's time for us to let off some time and invest them in this exhibition. It's wise. After all, it won't fritter away much of your time, come on la... it's holiday on the first of May la~~~ It's Labour's day not Working day~


And of cause, we are not here to gather good people or be a good and charitable citizen and forced ourselves to involve in this OLR exhibition. And show pity and mercy for the victims. No. It's beyond that. Willingness and voluntary spirit are what it takes. When we have partially or fully comprehend the hardship and suffering of these unfortunate victims that they are going through, we can't help but to humble ourselves and contribute to the best that we can.

"We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving."

This phrase speaks it all. Not particularly in terms of finance, but also through our support, our care, our involvement, our fund, our contribution and lots more. It will change one life and more.

Living in such contemporary and busy world at these days, we have almost let slip to decelerate ourselves, take a break and spend some moment to see the world outside. Stop being so comfortable with what you have now. It's time to step our from our comfort zone and do something. This coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Spare some time. Bring your friends along and come together and "walk in their shoes".


One Life, Do Something.


Your support put a smile on faces miles away.

See you there! =)


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By Blogger abubu, at Monday, April 28, 2008 at 11:11:00 AM GMT+8  


wa...until now no1 commented meh?


i will be volunteering on the first day of exhibition at the spring lor...

hope u get to go in u can contribute to humanity

By Blogger abubu, at Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 12:23:00 AM GMT+8  


haha.. perhaps many of them read this post, and they was touched. And lupak to comment. LOL!

Yea, will be seeing u soon in exhibition. Tata!

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 10:39:00 AM GMT+8  


Monday, April 21, 2008


I believe most of us know who Mozart is right?

A well known music expert who had composed hundreds of music sheets. Yet no one has ever seen or heard of his playing. Great composer, indeed. But what happened when he died?

He decomposed.



Semester Break is over!

Life as a Second Year student is not that relaxing and never easy compared to my First Year. It's always hectic. Each subject is getting more knotty and involved. Lecturers are getting more and more pitiless. Assignments are piling up disorderly. Mountainous workloads are yet to tidy up. Many things to do yet time is getting so insufficient. Everything has changed. Everything is just so fast and furious.

Life gets busier than before.

On the face of it, it's Semester Break whereby I believe Swinburne students are supposed to take a week off and break free from study stress. Go to Santubong beach and enjoy the views. 24/7 computer games. Go play laser tag.

No no no!

Apparently, the phrase "time off & enjoyment for Johnson" does not seem to emerge in my schedule. There's not much repose for me throughout the entire week. Not even a short breathing-space for me! Even when i want to take just a short nap, the word Assignments will just pop up in my mind promptly!

How to rest in peace like that~

Nonetheless, my only desire during my semester break is to try to finish off the assignments. still it doesn't give me much repose for that entire week. Juggling my time properly.

Throughout the week, i glue my buttocks on the chair and settle down in front of the computer and start to tidy up. There's not much leisure thingy that i can involve in, but to discipline myself to complete my assignments. Yes, discipline!

Went to campus today. After asking my friends how much have they accomplished for their assignments, **evil laugh** proud to announce to the whole world that I'm actually leading this time in terms of assignments. I don't even realized that i have actually completed almost 80% of my assignments and some of friends have not even started doing! Huhu~~

Bak kata:"Sedikit-dikit lama jadi bukit". True true. At least this smugness does perk me up and give me a little umph to brush up my assignments!

I'm on Cloud 9! Johnson is at the right track!


Talking about my course, there's particular one subject that really captivates my interest towards it. None other than Topography.

As i have mentioned in my earlier post regarding Topography. Truthfully, Topography is just fun. Very fun. Absolutely fun. Seven weeks back, we get to learn how to use the Total Station in measuring the bearing and distance in the campus.


Total Station

Everything seems to be trouble-free when our fieldworks are assigned to be done inside of the campus. Not that tiring and challenging though. However, after a few attempts, the time has finally come! Our lecturer decided to send us out from the campus to proceed on our next fieldwork at Kenny Hill.

To make it sounds more professional, let's call it to the real world.

The moment that everyone has been waiting for! We, the future-wanna-be Civil engineers are taking a little peak of how and what real engineers undergo out there.


Seeing that no transportations are provided, we are forced voluntarily carried our equipments all the way from Swinburne Campus and walk to Kenny Hill. Okay, not a long way as you can visualize. But carry those instruments are kinda troublesome. Those equipments are not weightless k. It's heavy! Especially the Total Station and Prism. Looks small but weight heavy~

If the sun is super unfriendly and blazing on that particular day, the whole voyage is like walking in a desert. By the time we reach the destination, 30% of our energy has already fritter away. Oaky okay la, 29.5%.

Pity us please.


Anyway, the reason that i think Topography is quite fun and interesting compared to other subjects is because it focuses mainly on the practical basis. As in other subjects are more to theoretical approach. And it offers to me a privilege, yes privilege to fathom upon my course mates' authentic personality. The true color.

As in what sense then?

Under the hot hot and hot sun, of cause!!


Seriously, you just got to believe me!! I find it so amusing and strange to check out that some of my course mates are actually using umbrellas, farmer's hats and sunglasses during their fieldwork. To induce this statement a little bit more, these people are actually guys! I mean, outwardly tough guys! Goodnees. You got to be kidding me!

I thought one of the least requirements to become a Civil engineer is being able to expose oneself under the hot and roasting sun? Even the girls are tougher than those guys. The girls do not complain at all. Some guys are even more feminine than girls, you know what they do? They rather drive their cars to the station than spending a 15 minutes walk to Kenny Hill. Aduh~~ tsk tsk tsk.

**cough cough Alvin Yap aka. Abubu cough cough****cough cough Soon Eng cough cough**



Still, it's amusing to hear and see how different one shouted so loudly to the other side of the station. Some even ran out of pitch~

I do enjoy working together with my team mates. We are tough people. Me, Aldrin and Wui Jie don't use umbrellas and farmer's hats. Cheers, Abubu and Soon Eng! =P

Haiyo, well-trained at Boys Brigade eh. Don't play play!!


If you don't know who's that guy with the leg wide opened, he's Adeline. I mean Aldrin. We are ordered to wear those burnished traffic safety vests during our fieldwork. Reason: Not to be one of those MBKS workers of cause, but to protect ourselves from unnecessary accidents happen

There are a few obstacles that we have encountered during our fieldwork. Firstly, the weather. The adverse weather that we many times faced is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes we are just so keen to look forward to the day of our fieldwork and if it rains ...... everything needs to postpone.

However, God has been faithful to us. He did not send the rain but he sent the Sun. It's killing! Innocent guinea pigs like us will be fully roasted under the hot sun for 3 hours straight.


It's Aldrin again.

Not only that, holding a range pole beside the hilltop is unpredictable too. Who knows you might accidentally slip and fall straight down into the drain and break your legs, break your hands, break your head, break your teeth, break your ears and break everything! And forever stuck in the drain. Okay, i'm just exaggerating.

There's once where Aldrin's neck was bitten by a BIG black ant while holding the range pole. Kesian him~ That's why i emphasize that everything is so unforeseeable. Perhaps you might have swallowed by snake while doing fieldwork. Who knows.

Apart from that, another obstacle is:



Yes. Dogs. Dogs are unpredictable too. Just to clarify, i'm not afraid of dogs k. I'm just erm.. erm... dislike dogs?? Afraid and dislike are totally different k. I love my body so much that i don't want to get bitten by those dogs k.


As hinted earlier on, dogs are fairly unpredictable too. They can chase you anytime, anywhere and anyhow. I definitely would not want to be one of those that get chased in the middle of the main road and run like a chicken all the way back to Swinburne. No way! Yet, filled with much courage, we managed to overcome this obstacle boldly!. **phew**

That's why I dislike dogs.

Next obstacle:



The stations for our fieldworks are located near roadways. Cold-blooded lecturer. >.< style="font-weight: bold;">CHOY!

And the last obstacle that we face:


It's a Trieneken garbage trucks!

It's unpredictable! Yea yea. What is your first reaction when you notice there's this truck coming towards your direction while you are taking measurement in the middle on the road?

Run away and leave the linear tape in the middle of the road? No, I know it stinks. But being as Civil Engineer-ish as we wanna be, we stood firmly at where we were and continued our measurement with a looooonnnnnng and deep deep breath.


Why on earth is this garbage truck doing here in such afternoon??!!??

**think think think**


Perhaps it's because of the vest that i'm wearing that causes those Trienekens' workers to have mistakenly supposed that i'm one their Garbage workers~~




Wah, what a long post...i read until my eyes drop...haha...need to pick up my eyes from the floor...:P

what a fun subject that u ppl have like what u have say it is mainly focus on the pratical basis....juz let u ppl know that me, shirley and judieth is so much wished that we can have this kind of subject... we everyday stay in the skul... no challenging at all...
and ur lecturer so great ba....cant imaging if ur lecturer act like Abubu and Soon Eng and how her students will be...haha
I think u are scare dog rite? wondering what will u do if suddenly has a dog chasing at u when u at kenny hill...haha
i cant understand why nowaday many ppl use unbrella under a big sun...i thought it was used when raining...hmm...may be they dont know when they need umbrella *Abubu*Soon Eng* :)

p/s: Is mid-sem break...not sem break

By Blogger Yong Tiong Yieng, at Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 11:53:00 PM GMT+8  


I'm glad that you have adopted Aldrin's "little by little" type of working attitude.

But please do not follow all his footstep because this time he also last minute work. =D

By Blogger Eric, at Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 11:59:00 PM GMT+8  


Yalar.. I drove to the field so what? Vincent also drive what.. Got car don't want to use is a bit wasted.. Johnson, we should use our resources wisely to benefits ourselves.

Ah Yieng, you don't understand the sun nowadays are so hot till can barbeque our skin? I got sun burnt till so bad that I have to use a proper hat to cover my skin.

Don't blame Abubu and me.. We're just using what we have to comfort ourselves..

Eric, well-prepared work is good, partially prepared work isn't bad, last minute work still works better than don't work at all. lol!

By Blogger Ezekiel, at Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 2:57:00 PM GMT+8  


tiong yieng: haha... it took me quite some times to complete this lengthy post eh..haha.. yea, knot imagine that "they" use those "tools" to protect them. =) Yea, the dogs scare of me eh.. haha! CAs i wear the MBKS baju and it stinks so they dont dare to come near me! haha

eric: tsk tsk.. u ar... better change ar..if not.. u know the consequences la..

ezekiel: It's my opinion eh. Cas you will think differently and i also blog differently out of my thoughts. Using our "resources" cannot be concluded in such ways. We should learn to expose ourselves to new ground and take things with "more standards" LOL! true in some way too. hmm, all the best in your CEP. =)

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 5:30:00 PM GMT+8  


At least I started on my assignments as soon as I was free from my other commitments hor. Unlike someone. Wednesday deadline but Tuesday night baru start. "Room. 22.7m^2". Yea, this is for you, Eric. Haha.

And Johnson. Good aa. After 7 weeks, now can see the 'revival' you were talking about. FINALLY. Hahaha.

Keep it up, buddy.

By Blogger saykhia, at Friday, April 25, 2008 at 5:39:00 PM GMT+8  


Oh and for the record: I was standing with legs so wide apart 'cos the I had to lower myself to use the prism's sight ba! Have to aim it to the total station, okay???

By Blogger saykhia, at Friday, April 25, 2008 at 5:41:00 PM GMT+8  


haha.. who wear farmer's hat oh??? lol..

By Blogger ~Laura~, at Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 2:10:00 AM GMT+8  


Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Desperate guy searching for wrong person!


There's an Inter school debate competition held in Swinburne campus this week. It's also my first time entering into the debate room to observe students doing debate. yea, pity me.

It's funny though to see how members are so "friendly" with the opponents before entering the room and so "evil" when the debate starts.

However, sometimes it will be extremely scary when students begin to thrash out their arguments. War of words.

No play play. Even the girls also bo keh ki wan.


What has happened to the guys nowadays? I mean not to all of the males, but to certain guys. It's way-out.

As i was browsing through my friendster message as usual, I received this message sent by an unknown.


A guy, A GUY by the name of Cal, sent me a message and .....wanna make friends with me...invited me to hangout with him and know each other more???

What on earth???!!!

For goodness sake, by eying at his cool-wanna-be face, it almost gives me a sickening puke! Johnson is a guy k. Not a girl.

Please la... I'm innocent.


This is just so wrong. Very wrong! I never know that my Friendster's primary display picture looks so much like a pretty girl. Hmm...


And one more thing, I'm not a gay. Please la... Gelik~~


obviously he's desperately hitting on you! hohohho!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 10:38:00 PM GMT+8  


anonymous: Funny... HA HA HA

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 11:36:00 PM GMT+8  


haha...u should be happy ppl want to hang out with u...haha...
should be proud of it...:P

By Blogger Yong Tiong Yieng, at Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 4:52:00 PM GMT+8  


one of my guy fren oso get dat.. Haha.. so geli ho> haha...

By Blogger ~Laura~, at Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 12:19:00 AM GMT+8  


eee... johnson is a pretty boy!!!!!! lol...

By Blogger Berberboo, at Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 7:15:00 PM GMT+8  


: )

By Blogger High Power Rocketry, at Monday, April 21, 2008 at 6:57:00 AM GMT+8  


tiong yieng: haha.. this is not that right way to be happy eh.. haha

laura: from the same guy, CAL? haha.. goodness...

berberboo: probably. Haha.. i never know that i'm one. As the song from M2M plays... haha...

R2K: Erm... **speechless** LOL!

By Blogger Johnson, at Monday, April 21, 2008 at 9:02:00 PM GMT+8  


Sunday, April 13, 2008
Santa Cruz F9212


"We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving." -Swami Chinmayananda -


Still remember of my laborious working life in Kenny Rogers?

Even though it's just a one month plus plus of working period, yet it's undoubtedly filled with much memories. It's truly arduous yet tremendous when i reflect upon it. I believe that without a proper motivation, surely I couldn't work for such a long period. Proud to declare that buying Electric Guitar is the ultimate motivating force that spur me on.

Went to check my salary on last two weeks, and i was preparedly stunned to check out that Kenny Rogers had actually given me bonus for my salary. I mean, beyond what i'm expected. Thank you KRR Thank You. Probably they give me such gratuity because my performance was a thumbs up. **cough cough** Who knows. =P


That's my hard-earning salary.

I know it sounds really silly to invest this money in buying an electric guitar. I could have utilize it for better usage. Yet I'm not that idiotic k. I'm using it wisely. What to do. Playing musical instrument is one of my passions. Getting an electric guitar is also one of my desires.

I have been playing guitar for more than seven years. In spite of that, the acoustic guitar that i'm currently using is not fully possessed by me. I wish i could have one.


Went to Lepo Music Centre on last Saturday afternoon. I was utterly excited and keenness to try out the guitar that i wanna buy. The moment that I everyone has been waiting for!


After a few try-out, at last i found my sweetheart and bought it. It's comfortable. It's likable. Waited patiently for many months and my aspiration of getting an electric guitar has finally come to fruition. I'm content. I'm satisfied.

Behold! Let me make known of my sweetheart to the whole world!

Santa Cruz F9212


Read it properly. Her name is Santa Cruz. Not Santa Claus k.

One of her features that captivates me is the golden tuner. It's gold in color. Gold Gold! Kinda outstanding tuner compares to other guitars.



Too bad that the strings are corroded when i bought it. I should request the Tauke to change the strings for me at the first place. **Forget forget**

Her Body


Actually I don't really fancy black colored guitars, as in they look super rock and wild. But, this black Santa Cruz looks pretty glossy and reflecting with its black shade.


The controller


It comes with a cool controller which allows the tone to be switched into Rhythm or Treble. Cool Cool.


Like a shiny mirror.


I do like its distinctive body shape compares to other designs. It's unique. Especially when it comes with golden plate and pickups. Which certainly going to add on to the feel, touch and the gleaming look of the guitar.


The entire guitar looks like Les Paul's Gibson design. Copyright version. =) A pure Gibson guitar would cost around few thousands dollars!! Pricey eh. It's okay to get a plagiarized model right? And it costs less than a thousand. Affordable.

This Santa Cruz F9212 is just so fulfilling. Although it's slightly heavier in terms of weight. Yet, it feels like a Gibson. It sounds like a Les Paul. It looks like a Gibson.

I'm happy now. At least i committed myself to work hard for every single penny to purchase this guitar. So no complaint.

**Evil laugh** This is the last model that you can find in Lee's Music Centre. Or should i emphasize, in Kuching!! And I bought the last model! Yahoo!!

Thinking and hoping desperately that the Tauke could give me some guitar parts like guitar strap and cable without charge. Hoping and keep hinting the Tauke. Unexpectedly, what i received was indeed beyond my expectation!!

It's a Rm2.50 guitar pick!


Wordless. Why the tauke so Kiam Siap wan~~~

Next thing to purchase.


A Guitar Amplifier

How to rock the world without a guitar amp eh~~ -__-"

Now i need to rearrange my time schedule. Slot in one or two hours in for guitar practicing. It will gonna be lots of fun and craze when the time has come for Johnson to rock the world! =)

Personally, i don't really do well when it comes to saving up money. I'm weak and horrible in that sense. Yet, learning to discipline myself consistently in saving up such huge sum of money to purchase things that i really desire does bring great satisfaction to my so-called achievement. Cheers!

Still, all glory be unto Him! =)




Can I try her out ka? =P

By Blogger saykhia, at Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 7:36:00 PM GMT+8  


There is a few things I wanna clarify.

There is still a cousin guitar hanging in Les Paul. Haha!

Then the pick is "stolen" when u went to test guitar with me. lol!

After that, the amp that Eric hold is mine. XD

Lastly, I got the freebies.. That makes u jealous... :P

Ok lar.. I have to thank you a lot for helping me in guitar testing and advices.. *Bow 90*00'00". Haha! See u this Thurs!

By Blogger Ezekiel, at Monday, April 14, 2008 at 5:53:00 PM GMT+8  


saykhia: haha.. can can, but u must protect "her" properly.. DONT ever pass her to Eric. He will for sure going to spoil her.. haha..

Ezekiel: apalah.. wana ppl credit u ha?? say la.. haha... i know you should be super grateful to me cas i stopped you from buying that RED ibanez.. happy boi? haha... I'm gonna get a super cool amp.. wait and see...Hehe!

By Blogger Johnson, at Monday, April 14, 2008 at 8:39:00 PM GMT+8  


haha...finally u found ur sweetheart and get it...wait so long liao ho...haha
ur sweetheart look nice le...must take good care...haha...
and improve ur guitar skill too haha :)

By Blogger Yong Tiong Yieng, at Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 12:55:00 AM GMT+8  


yeah Your Santa on a cruise is black and not dark blue.. haha Anyway, it looks very nice!! (^ ^)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 8:40:00 AM GMT+8  


Oh yeah!! I already read this post about Santa on a cruise. SO you can't say i didn't read or not a faithful reader anymore. haha!! where is my spaghetti that you said you wanna send over to my house two nights ago? =P

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 8:43:00 AM GMT+8  


Would you call that an electronic wife?

By Blogger Eric, at Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 12:19:00 AM GMT+8  


Friday, April 11, 2008
When Idols sing ....


It's the end of week 7! Hip-hip-hooray! And again i proclaim out loud, Hoooraaaayyyyy!!

I will going to have a one week semester break. However, it's not a week for crazy leisure and relaxation. Pity me, mountainous assignments and workloads are knocking thunderously at my door.

Cold-blooded lecturers.


Can you believe that American Idols' contestants sang one of the well known worship songs of all times, "Shout To The Lord" by Darlene Zschech, Hillsong Church?

I couldn't.

I was at my study room doing some revisions and my mum said "Come out and listen to American Idol singing worship song!"

I was like ..."Huh? Worship Song..??!!?"

How on earth is there a so called Worship Concert showed in televisions? More to say, it's shown directly on American Idol live, where I believe everyone is watching.

And dashing out from my room to the living room, i heard the contestants singing Shout To The Lord. Amazing. With the combination of varied vocals, this harmonious worship song indeed sounded heavenly and euphonious.

Check it out!

Great synchronization of flows.

If you realized for the first verse of the song, instead of singing My Jesus, they substituted it with My Shepherd. Hmmm.... Still acceptable. Since Jesus is our Great Shepherd, as written.

Who knows, if My Jesus was sung, the whole episode of American Idol shows might be banned instantly in Mr Aloha Looks At Yao Siew Ingesting Apple.


Be that as it may, I'm amazed by the song performance. Truly, the words of the songs struck me when i once again listen to it. As the last line of the chorus repeats, "Nothing compares to the promise I have in You."

For nothing compares to the promise I have in You. It's true. Praise God. =)


oh man...that is so nice...haha i
can't believe that Idols sing worship song...

By Blogger Yong Tiong Yieng, at Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 1:04:00 AM GMT+8  



By Blogger orilia, at Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 11:44:00 PM GMT+8  


Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Eggy Sheep


It has been an uphill session for me. After a ceaseless battle against my assignments and exams for these few weeks, it's always great to be back here. At least, i'm done with one exam today and would perhaps defer my other assignments to semester break.

Relax dulu! The battle is still on-going!


Since i have been away for quite some times, I'm certain that you guys miss me loads, As a token of my apology, I'm swapping this lengthy post with you. So, be a little grateful laa... Gisshhh...

Allow the picture below kick-start of the entire content.


**meh meh**

Cute? Yea. Adorable? Yeapss. Basically that's what i'm going to rattle on incessantly throughout this post. It is all about sheep



sheep. **meh meh**

First and foremost, what characteristics come to your mind when the word, Sheep is being mentioned?

Cute cute cute cute cute cute???



Papaya-ish, as what i like to say. Perhaps the snapshot doesn't really portray out its very own personality and feel. In fact, based on the appearance above, it's contradicting. Where got sheep look like that wan~~ The sheep doesn't seem to be that grinning compares to this sheep below,




The life expectancy of a sheep is somewhere between 10 to 20 years. However, the length of a sheep's productivity life tends to be much less. This is because the female sheep as known as ewe, usually begins to decline at the age of 7. As a result, most ewes are removed from their flocks at the age of 10. It's also difficult for ewes to maintain their body condition when their teeth begin to break down.


Sheep are timid, nervous and easily frightened animals and for the most part defenseless against predators like coyotes and wild dogs. Though outwardly sheep may appear to look endearing and blameless, yet you never know that lots of hungry buffy wolves out there are hunting for these innocent lives.

Instead of using the word, Wolf, I should use Sek Lang. LOL!


Sheep are also gregarious and company-loving animal. They flock together in large numbers in groups for protection. Predators will usually go after the outliers in the flock. Due to their timidity, sheep will easily scatter away. Their only means if survival is to flock together in large and huge numbers, not to run towards the predators as whole of cause, but to run away from predators.


**meh meh**

Sheep don't like to walk on water or move through narrow openings. They would prefer to move uphill and downhill.


Do you know??

Sheep have a strong instinct to follow leaders. Even from birth, lambs are conditioned to follow their senior and older sheep of the flock. For example, when a sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest will usually follow along. Even if the lead sheep jumps over a cliff, the rest must likely jump over too. Strange yea.

Sheep need Guidance. Security. Direction. It's difficult for them to live independently.


For this reason, there's a so called hero for all sheep, whose duty is to protect the sheep, feed the sheep and gather the sheep in one. Who le? Shepherd la...

Shepherds play such significant role in growing up each sheep, protecting the sheep from becoming Lamb Chop for those Sek Lang. With the help of the crook(the long stick with a hook shape at the end), shepherds are able to Wong-Fey-Hung those Sek Langs. I mean snagging back those naughty sheep by its neck.


Say no to Lamb-Chop.

There's different between a hired hand and a Shepherd. A hired hand is hired to take care of the sheep, but when there's predators' attack, the hired hand will first run away like chicken and abandon all of the sheep. Meanwhile, shepherds will protect their sheep from danger. And again, do some Wong-Fey-Hung in front of the Sek Lang.

Not Willian Hung ok.


In my last Youth group, I was assigned to take charge of a simple game. As Johnson as I was, i cracked my mind to think of something cool and creative and new, of cause!

Out of no where, this idea just popped out spontaneously. The idea of using an egg's shell and wrap it with some cotton wool and design a sheep through it.

Eggy sheep.

You will be amazed of the members' creativity and incomparable masterpiece. This is when I believe real expertise, originality and potential from the members are tested and revealed.

Trust me, you gonna like their sheep heaps.



On your left, you have sheep with specs.
On the right, you have a Lion-of-Judah-wanna-be sheep.

Why on earth did (you know who you are) color the sheep's head in orange and yellow. Bukannya Lion~~


Wait! What is that thingee on the right?


Huh? What is that?!!!?? Monkey??



Okay, at least this look more like a proper and normal sheep. At least. **phew**

Moving on.



What on earth is that creature??

It looks like a mouse!!! Tikus!! I never know that Sheep looks like that~~~ Seriously, it will be utterly shocking if there's any sheep with wide mouth/smile and enormous eyes. Gonna scare the hell off those Sek Langs for sure!

Prayerfully, i will not stumble across such sheep. **cut throat**

By the way, do you know that a sheep that has rolled over on its back is called a "cast" sheep. Meaning to say, this sheep may not be able to get up by itself. Yea. It's that bad. Sheep that fall are unable to get up if there's no help provided by the Shepherd. Cast sheep can become distressed and can die within a short period if they are not rolled back into a normal position.

Really sad ho. That's why every sheep need the Shepherd's help and guidance.

What happen if they are on the back for some time?


Yea. That kinda of crazy look. Eyes guling and guling up and down. Good making for illustration. LOL!


How about Johnson's own self-design sheep??!!??!!

Eager to see??




It's incomplete. I know it looks like Ah Pek.


Nah, that's my 100% complete Sheep. Cute le ..... =P

God is indeed so wise to use the sheep as the metaphor to help us to fathom how helpless and defenseless we are without the Great Shepherd. The guidance. The protection. The security. The provider.

Candidly, sheep do stink to certain extent. Just as the same that all of us do stink at one point, yet the Great Shepherd is still busy cleaning us up.

Just like the Potter molding the clay.


And all of the sheep say "Cheese"... **meh meh**


Nice eggy sheeps. Haha Where did you get the idea to make an eggy sheep? Thanks for making one for me for my birthday! haha I appreciate you sacrificing your beauty sleep to make it till 12.30am. haha

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7:46:00 PM GMT+8  


audrey: welcome. The idea of making those sheep just popped out in mind spontaneously. So, i don't know where it comes from. LOL! And you better give and make me a super duper nice persent for my bday. eh.. haha!!

By Blogger Johnson, at Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 11:32:00 PM GMT+8