Saturday, April 18, 2009
I touched it!


One bird down, five birds are flying towards my direction....adui...Assignment~~


You gotta believe this man, I touched a Hedgehog today!!! *puffed up!*

I did not touch this white Hedgehog, too innocent to be touched.

You may heard a lot about Hedgehog, or perhaps for some of you, this may even be your first time seeing the word "Hedgehog". Whatever is it, their spines are undeniably a hinder for many to have the guts to actually touch them. Even for me, I fear that the little hedgehog might just release its spines and poke me, then i get poisoned and die. *choy!*

Be that as it may, the fact is that Hedgehogs, in real life, are actually innocuous. They are cute! Too cute until i couldn't resist my temptation to touch their spines for at least one time. And i did, I touched a HEDGEHOG!!!

I touched this!

Thank God, it did not release its spine~~

Don't you think this Hedgehog look innocent and just just cute??!! Irresistible man! Since i have already touched the spines of Hedgehog, perhaps my next mission is to touch Porcupines' spines.

Hmm...dare me? =P