Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Where's the cat?


Finally i got my Aussie number activated, just nudge me if you need it.


G'day! How's it going?

That's what all Aussies speak out when they meet you. It's quite peculiar to just abruptly leave a country with a heavy Mang-lish slang such as, "Lah..leh..loh...meh..mah..kah.." to a place where you can slightly find people utter these added words at the end of each sentence. People here speak relatively good English. Even when you chance on any Asian people, chances for them to speak with Aussie slang are pretty high. Instead of having brainwash, i think i gonna get a tongue wash soon. Hm..

Where's the cat?

Yea, that's one curiousity i'm trying to sort out since my day one. I have been observing. Up to date, i have YET to find any cat on street. Not even one cat at all. Weird. What i notice more on contrary is dogs. However, the dogs here on street are exceptionally clean, neat, tidy and just benign compared to dogs in Kuching. The funny thing is, I have approached with a hand full of dogs for the past five days. And another thing that i have also noticed is ..

Cow-like bulldog

The dogs here NEVER bark! Not even once. Weird .. Firstly, no cats to be found in Melb street. Secondly, the dogs never bark. Probably, this is the best chance for me to get closer to dogs!

What a weird city though...lol


dogs here are well-trained.. they go to puppy school. :)

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