Saturday, June 27, 2009
Is now no more


If you have the time, just type in "We are the world-Rehearsal" in Youtube and enjoy watching.


I'm on holiday mode now! *grin*

It was no doubt a tense preparation for the past three weeks. I had tried my best. *exhale out*


The wide spaced table was once scattered with piles of scribbled foolscap and cluttered lecture notes is now no more.


Black Forest and White Chocolate Dream were once our temptations remedies in the midst of hectic revision are now no longer needed.


Even at the very last minute before exam, you could easily stumble upon students grabbing their books firmly and trying to memorize and swallow every word they could. Okay, i'm one of them...hmm..

The moment i finished answering question five on the last page of the paper, i peeped at my watch and I knew at once that freedom is awaiting outside of the examination hall for my sniff. Had my final check at all of my calculation, scribbled some nonsense answers, tied my sheets together and i was ready to rush off my seat.

Soon when the examiner uttered "You can leave now.." *scattered*


Every student dash off from their seats and grab their belongings and leave the hall instantly. I felt 10 kg lighter when i stepped out from the hall. The weight of learning i absorbed all these while had vanished right after that. *grin*


Guess that the library ambience which was once crammed with bookworms and last minutes heroes, plus the noisy and stressful aura, is now no more. Quiet and solemn place for now.

Just like that, my Year 3 Sem 1 is over. For now, i'm preparing myself for my exchange programme in Melbourne. *grin again*


Quote: "The weight of learning i absorbed all these while had vanished right after that".


By Blogger Eric, at Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 3:52:00 AM GMT+8  


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