Friday, August 7, 2009
His Business


I will devote myself to this one month mission -snapping as many shots of Melb dogs as i can- Don't you want to see? lol..


Melbourne is having forceful typhoon since noon till midnight. Crazy! Seriously, i can't even walk a proper one metre straight line! And i did try many times though. I was gusted like a fragile jellyfish from left to right. Thank God that i'm heavy enough to withstand the strong wind, if not i will be a human kite soaring into the air. LOL

Just before i nod my exhausting body off on bed, I really feel like putting this continual thought of mine here. The one word which keeps spinning around my mind is this:

Why Business? As i reckon on after attending the Life Group at this evening, i'm so convinced once again that regardless of how exhausting it can be, how far the distance can be, how much breakthrough that it requires ..

God's business is indeed a Worth-Investing business of all time! It's an international business. Though i'm now taking up engineering course and not other business courses, still, this is a business i'm greatly interested in. It's a global business!!

Think of it.