Saturday, August 29, 2009
AFL Hawks!


Say byebye to Winter and welcome Spring!


Hey people! Millions of sincere apologies for my late update. Before I collapse soon, I better do a quick update of myself in case some of you might think that I was kidnapped by the Australians!

Time really flies. This is my third week of semester and I just handed in my two assignments yesterday. Hectic though! Meanwhile, I just got back from Kidshaper 'Sound' Conference not long ago. It's incomparably awesome and professional!


I was invited two days before to join the last night of this conference. If i'm not wrong, the entrance fee is $90 for the three ongoing days. Kidshaper Conference is basically a children ministry conference where leaders of children ministry all across Australia and will gather once in a year and be inspired plus challenged to reach out to God's children.

Next question. Why was I joining?

No idea though. Since the admission for the last night was without charge, anyone can just hop in. My initial thought that Kidshaper Conference might be too young for old people like me, but when i stepped into the conference hall, 'W-O-W' was the first word that popped out from my mind and mouth!

I'm utterly amazed! Instead of having kids running around, I see 70% of the hall jam packed with senior parents! Words just can't describe how much and what i have captured throughout this one night. It's just so professional and spirit-led!


I mean, literally top-notch!! From the start till the end. The challenge, the dream, the vision, the band, the performance, the presentation, the short skit and so on...everything was just inspiring! I met a couple of people from Hillsong and Planetshakers too. *Nudge me in msn to share with you more!*

And also, i managed to grab a free Australian Football League (AFL) ticket during one of the International Student for Australia Culture Workshop for tomorrow's match !! Sounds cool yea! AFL is pretty similar to American football/rugby, instead the Australians refer it as Footy. The only difference that i can think of is the players in AFL do not wear helmet~

For sure as blurry as i am, I have no idea how does the complicated game go or the rules run, all i need to know is how to participate together with the crowds and keep yelling and shouting when they start shouting. Smart? Smart! Australians are just crazy about footy!


The AFL match that i'm going to watch is Hawthorn vs. Essendon. at 2.30pm. Which team am i supporting? Of course, Hawthorn la!! Since i'm staying in Hawthorn area and my campus is located at Hawthorn and bo pien, i'm forced to support the Hawks!! Haha..!!

Boo to Hawks rocks!!! Okay, what's more? In order for me to orient myself to the Australian footy culture and madness. I got myself some Hawks Supporter wears!


The Cap and the Scarf

I got it for free too! I'm ready! Let's hope that these supporter wears will be sufficient for me to be crazy with the crowds tomorrow and start yelling "Hawks Hawks Hawks!!!" Hopefully i got to grasp a taste of Footy contact!

haha.. You guys better cheer for Hawks


since when u wear glasses???

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