Wednesday, April 29, 2009
A Break


Two deaths occur within one day. My friend's dad passed away, Taib's wife passed away. *exhale* It makes me realize how fragile our lives are. God can just easily snap Hisfingers and call us back. But, are we ready?

Only one life to live, let's live to the fullest and live it purposefully.


Bingo! As predicted, life in Year 3 will not going to be that unchallenging and relaxing! Every subject is flooded with loads of assignments and research reports. It's already Week 8 and as accurate as i can count in the mean time, I have 2 assignments due next week, 1 lab report, 3 research report, 3 presentation, 3 assignments to be completed!!

And i have only 7 more weeks left!!!! *insane* Whilst i notice most of my peers are under high pressure at present, staying up late at ungodly hours, i think it is wise to have a break and chill out sikit la~~~

There's a saying that goes, "Have a break, have kit-kat." My version reads "Have a break, have Mcflurry!"

Kudos to McFlurry for injecting extra umph into me. I wonder whether this has turned into my new addiction. For the past days while i was doing assignments with my friends at late night, i would be tempted to grab a cup of McFlurry and sit back and just relax..... but....Why??!!

I thought i'm supposed to dislike Mcdonald punya???