Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Kuching City Day Parade 2007

A post that everyone is desperately awaiting for. Here it is! I have spent more than 3 hours plus plus just to upload these photos and videos. So, you better appreciate my hard work and for those for missed this event, how dare you?, do enjoy reading.

As i have mentioned in my previous post that there will be a contingent representing Swinburne which constituted both choir junkers club and anime club. It was in fact a remarkable experience to be involved in.

The Kuching Day Parade that held this year was slightly different compared to the previous years. There was Finale Dance Ceremony, Tandak Melayu to dance. Purpose: To break the Malaysia Book of Record with 2751 people dancing at the same time. Beside that, all of the contingents were called to participate for the full rehearsal on the day before the actual parade, which was Friday. So I guess I will start off with my posting about Friday’s.


The time schedule showed that all of the contingents must reached at 3pm. So, our bus driver, Mr Kong stopped us at MBKS and it started to drive out my confusion. I was thinking that we should be at Jubilee Ground instead of ending up at MBKS car park. Nevermind, we all waited.

20 minutes….

Our staffs.

Another 1 hour of waiting.... "Patient is a virtue, but every virtue got limitation le.."

We were still waiting patiently...

After we wasted one and the half hour, our contingent leader, Dr Chua then informed us that we needed to walk all the way to Jubilee Ground for the Marshall had given us the wrong information. Kisi betul-nya. My prediction was indeed pretty accurate le…. Anyhow, it was never an easy task although the journey took us only 15 minutes. Simply because we needed to carry our equipments!! So troublesome ba.

You will never know how heavy the Petronas tong is until you carry it once.

A great teamwork spirit within the junkers. Another 500 calories lost.

I could'nt believe that Eric was so helpful that day. Hmm...

And finally..

Everyone is resting and waiting for the kick-off rehearsal.

Dr Chua then led some macho guys, which included me to carry the food which were sponsored by MBKS.

Eating Time!! Look at Keith, what an expression.

I didn't expect much of the food provided. It looked okay from the view. But when i tried to use my spoon to scatter the rice, I found out that the rice was so batu-ing. Okay, this what i expected, the batu rice.

And here's something amusing. As i thought that i were kinda choosy and tried to force myself to swallow those rice, I never knew Dr Chua was even more picky than me. He ordered everyone of us to eat chicken that cooked in both Black pepper or Curry sauce at least it did taste like chicken. and throw the rest of the rice and the yellow thingy into ..... (where?)

** Drum rolls **

Cool ba. We did maximise our la sap tang a.k.a rubbish bins though. Without any hesitation, we quickly prepared ourselves.

The participants...

Our unique equipments did attract much of the other contingent's attention. Probably some of them were wondering what happen to this bunch of youngsters. Carrying tong sampah, Petronas tin, buckets, drumsticks and walking up and down.

There was once incident where an auntie approached me and asked:

Aunty:“Ni meng shi se mek suek siaw lai de?” (You guys are from which school?)

Me:"Swinburne da suek."

Aunty:"Ohh .... "

Me:(Thinking in mind) Takkan from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaaon MBKS ba..".

Preparation for the full rehearsal.

The Anime club.

The junkers !

That evening I was quite concerned for our team members' stamina. Walking from Jubilee Ground to Padang Merdeka was definitely tiring and insane. Imagine that if one of the junkers suddenly fainted during the street walk to drag the collapsed body throughout the entire parade.

After 45 minutes. Our contingent stood infront of McDonald.

The junkers still managed to survive.

Some videos to be watched !

And we had our Finale Dance practice. And bla bla...

Most of the daces' movements require us to wave our hands, and yet we were all deeply fatigued after the never-ending tiring walk, which resulted both Swee and me to nearly become some lunatic robots. Take a look.

Saturday! Showtime!

All of the members who were involved gathered in Swinburne in high spirits and the journey began! Mr Kong dropped us at the entrance of Chung Hua No.3. And i found our dual DNA brothers, the Trienikens troop.

Different contingents were in their preparation.

A bunch of Lim Kok Wing University 's black cats. Meowww...

Inti College's Students.

Sri Kenyalang Kesihatan.

Movable trees.

Okay, these patung did catch my attention. I wonder how did they manage to stabilize those patung up high. Hmm... interasting.

"Make way" Here comes our Uncle Police.

And here we were, Contingent number-20.

Some of the lecturers were willing to put forward themselves to take part in this event. Frankly speaking, i kinda disappointed of my school's lecturers, we have more than 80 plus plus lecturers and staffs, but only 7 of them were willing to join. And the rest ... ?? No sportsmanlike ba.. some lecturers even dare to say they paiseh and doubt that our performance will make them embarrass. Arr... anyway, these 7 lecturers rocks !! "Old in age, but young and energetic at heart."

With 15 minutes left, every junkers set up their gears speedily. Go go go!!

Our faithful mate designer quickly colored the junker's face with her proficiency. And when it was my turn.


I ended up looking like this...

After ....

Okay. Stop laughing. Mr Panda Bear was trying to smile but failed. If so, the paint on my face will crack. It was like having cement sticked on your face. Torturing arr...

The Anime Club. Kinda cool.

And the junkers with their proper attire. After a month-long of tough practice, everyone was enthusiastic to stomp Kuching.

Last briefing by me.

Take a look at our little enliven warm up.

Last briefing by our contingents' leader, Dr. Chua.

6.15pm was the kick-off!

Marched out from Jubilee Ground.

Reached Jalan Padungan with countless crowds gathered beside the street.

The contingent behind us.

The junkers !

Our supporters !!

It's never a sin to be addicted in cam-whoring. So feel free to take a lot of pictures of me. *coughcough*

And it was night fall.

We did work very hard to keep our momentum on the street. Our energy level bumped up from level 1 to level 75 when the crowds started to clap their hands.

Throughout this long and tiring voyage, there were some funny and expected responses from the crowd. There was once when one of the junkers played the rubbish bins' caps, and an auntie said loudly in hokkien," Hi leh erm si pun sua tang meh?" (Isn't that one the rubbish bin's caps?") Swtt...

Me !!

Best shot of the night !

That's me! Trying to keep my coolness. Actually we didn't need to. Our junks had already caught much of the crowd's attraction. Kudos to our junks not the junkers la..

And we reached Parkson, and each contingents must perform a 2-minutes presentation infront of the countless crowd. And lets welcome our Anime club !

It was 7.45pm plus plus and we were still walking marching and trying to drag our elephants' leg to Padang Merdeka.. And all of us were told that the YB Alfred Jabu haven't arrived yet !! Arr... Nevermind, good news indeed. We were completely exhausted.

Keith and Jacq were both half-dead and drained.

However, while the junkers were taking a break, the Anime Club were busying cam-whoring with the crowds. Eish..whole night long taking picture with the crowds. And the ignored junkers were left unnoticed by the crowds. Pity pity...

Cheese !

The contingent behind us. Rest rest...

It was almost 9.30pm..

The time has come. Nervous plus eagerness to perform.

The multitudes and the my blog's readers were waiting at Padang Merdeka.

Here's your long waiting video. The saddness thing was we haven't finished our performance, the Chairman had stopped us.. kisi ba... Anyway, the crowd liked it, hope you do.

Stomp !

So any comments?? Might not be perfect though, it took us only one month to practice. So don't moan ohh..

Moving on to our Finale Dance Ceremony.

The parade held this year was kinda dissmiliar compared to the previous years. There was a record to be broken by us. 2751 participants to dance the Tandak Melayu. It was mainly about berjoget. The Chairman kept asking us to "Lambai Tangan...Lambailah Tangan.." (Wave your hands..)

Take a look at the dance.

That wasn't the highlight of the night. After the dance, everyone of us was waiting for the announcement of the result, however there was no declaration of result at all. We were wondering whether the competition was another prank. Walking back with a little disappointment yet filled with satisafaction. Cause i believe we might be the best contingent out there, but we did perform our best out there.

I was told by Encik Ismail yesterday that the results will be announced on 1st of Sept, after National day. So again, Patient is still a virtue.

Phototaking before we headed back to school.

Representative from Swinburne University for Kuching City Day parade 2007!!

It was 12 am plus plus. The sweet and tiring journey back to school. This junkers were definitely History Makers for Kuching City Day Parade 2007. Reached school around 12 am. Our job was not done yet. Many things to carry back to the office.

Keeping our own equipments.

Dr. Chua and I. Great combine effort by both of us.

As i was wondering whether any reporters or photographers have taken our junkers' photos and yes they did!

Tell me how often can your face or even your own name appear in the newspaper ? Probably not even once. Got la, if you already **cough cough perished cough cough**.. However, my face is published in the main page when i am just nineteen ! Oh man !


Things to thank God for. For stopping the rain for both rehearsal and actual day, and provides such wonderful and cooling weather.

Next, for giving me this chance to be able to lead and share my gifting in trainning out a bunch of potential junkers.

Lastly, for stretching my character in leadership, especially in perseverance and even temper.

And Happy 22th birthday to my elder brother.

!! Swinburne's Junkers ROCKZ !!

All glory to Him.


Wah. I certainly missed out a lot hor. Being Contingent 42 out of 42 is certainly tidak berfaedah except to feed the mosquitoes.

You guys did well lar. Just next time don't pause so long lar =P I kesian the crowd 'cos they didn't get to listen to the coolest part! Haha...

By Blogger saykhia, at Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 5:41:00 PM GMT+8  


Well done JUNKERS...Our hard work would not be wasted..Its a fantastic experience right?

Johnson..Well done for training the Junkers too...Let's continue to rock on...

By Blogger JuDiEtH, at Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 6:48:00 PM GMT+8  


wah...this post i really wait for so long time baru have,nice.u really show ur good leadership skills in this events.keep it. dun to worry about the results already because all of u already done the best that night.So good that i still have chance to join it and it really is a good experience. thanks ar...
All the junkers and the anime club's members, u ppl really have a good response on that night. So great...and really thanks GOD that we have a good weather on the reheasal day and actual day. GOOD job. Keep It. hehe

By Blogger Tiong yienG, at Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 6:53:00 PM GMT+8  


eh... no video le

By Blogger Dwinz, at Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 9:25:00 PM GMT+8  


nice post...err but actually i din bother to read what u wrote..but the pics already says a thousand words to me...miss those moments. din regret volunteering to be part of it..altho im just a trollyboy but i think we rock! =D

congrats junkers! and especially to JOhnson...u did a terrific job guiding everyone and thank you for sacrificing so much time and effort for the team too!

By Anonymous abubu, at Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 10:51:00 PM GMT+8  


saykhia: kesian to you. Yea, i shouldn't pause too long, arrr.. little regret.. hehe.. but nvm nvm.. we did mistake and we wil learn from it.

Judeith: Hail to be upoon Him. I'm just sharing what i am gifted. Hope this does encourage you.

tiong Yieng: No worries. haha.. planning to join next parade 2008 arr.. haha!! WAter girl again? :P
I did fail in my leadership in some areas too. But i'm yet to be corrected and grow more in maturity. Hope this does encourage you to persevere through.

dwinz: Already converted them to youtube code.

Abubu: Malas betul tidak baca. Thanks to you for be part of our trolley helps, without you, i might have tortured those girls to pull all the way! hehe.. I'm just helping with what i know and can. :)

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 12:10:00 AM GMT+8  


Yea.. well done to the Junkers XD I think that you guys are very diff from others and more unique coz environment-friendly and rarely seen.. :P For me la.. hehe

By Anonymous Serene, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 10:53:00 AM GMT+8  


Good job guys. Hope we have another fun next year again. This time, we can practic together since we've already know how the stuff are going to be.

By Anonymous intel, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 11:09:00 AM GMT+8  


I bet it wasn't easy at all to train your "band". It was an excellent performance! Impressive!
**cough cough U guys had successfuly shown the world Swinburne produces JUNKERS! cough cough** lol! Nolah, Swinburne produces bunch of CREATIVE&ENERGETIC young people! CONGRATS! =)

By Blogger Brenda, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 12:13:00 PM GMT+8  


Bravo Bravo!!!! Well done for such a wonderful performance.
All the practices, all the training, all the muscle pain, all the calories burned, miles and miles of walking... you guys had shown that you people can make it!!!
Continue to think so different idea to impress others. This time is tong sampah, next time??? I wonder...
Well done Johnson. Such a great team you have.

By Blogger pmp, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 3:24:00 PM GMT+8  


Junkers r cool right?!! Haha... we ROCKED d ground man!!! Listen out ther... haha...!!! Thank God 4 everything great tat has happened.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 3:49:00 PM GMT+8  


Waaaa... Really nice performance arrr! At first only a bit regret for not joining, now...
Congrats Johnson! That was so de awesome! U have to rest for quite a while for writing this post liao. Too many energy used up. Lol.

By Blogger shirley, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 6:04:00 PM GMT+8  


Great Post!
haha very entertaining...
So ur 3hours Plus plus effort didnt go to waste, i sat here reading and viewing the video for 30minutes... enjoyed it! Hope you guys win!


By Blogger dmr, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 9:45:00 PM GMT+8  


serene: unique in a way that we need to use lasap tang as our attraction haha!!

intel: yeaps, we can learn to coordinate well with both clubs in coming performance.

Brenbrenda: yea, we have junkers, how bout NUS ho.. haha, probably u can be the founder of junkers. haha

Pmp: Aiseh, still got next time arr.. erm, probably will work with the trenikiens. haha..

Melvin: Thanks for participating! Your presense did add extra nice music into it.

Shirley: haha..who ask you tidak wana join le.. good to regret now.. haha.. Yea, wil rest for 5 days, then back in bloggin.

dmr: hey, thanks for dropping by again!! Haha.. yea, good to sacrifice your half an hour to view this post..hehe. hope it stirred you to come back to kuching soon haha..!!!

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 10:57:00 PM GMT+8  


Good job on it!

The team's hard work paid off nicely! =D

By Blogger Wei Liang, at Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 10:58:00 PM GMT+8  


of course i'm helpful when someone needs help.. ehem.. ahahaha..

By Blogger Eric, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 12:41:00 AM GMT+8  


WOW. That is so cool!! XD

Too bad i cant be there to watch it live. Hope u guys can do it again. i really like the beats. XD

it's really amazing. congrats n well done to all of u. =D

By Blogger orilia, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 10:58:00 AM GMT+8  


Yday after spending a long time to read the LONGGGG but AMAZINGGGGG post, I just didn't know what to write anymore. I totally enjoyed the whole post...very interesting and entertaining. I have one word for U guys, AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty amazed when I saw that u guys ada action also and not only make "noise". The choreography was great, did u choreographed the "dance" as well bro? Wow, U r really talented...should get u to do more things...hiak hiak...anyway, very IMPRESSED!! U r a great leader, do lead ur ppl into Canaan. Actually, halfway through reading the post, I almost burst out in laughter when I saw the "robots" dancing...gosh...the Malaysian record is fake coz that 2 guys didn't follow the exact dance...whahhaa...ok...anyway, GREAT JOB bro!!! Jia you!! :@) GBU bro...have a nice new semester ahead of u!! Take care...

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 12:32:00 PM GMT+8  


we are history makers... nobody can ever follow what we did in Kuching... it will be plagiarism.

By Blogger JorZac, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 5:17:00 PM GMT+8  


weiliang: thanks

eric: Eric says,"He's helpful.." ahemm... duno who is so "ERT" ho.. haha..

orilia: Thanks. Nvm, as least you still can manage to watch in video.

Mr.W: The waving dance was so tiring ba.. haha, of cas we, junkers should have some movements, if not ALfred jabu will sleep.. haha.. yea, did some choreographing and the members did well in following too. PTL ! The Malaysian's record did consisit 1000 peole who trully berjoget, instead of 2751 ppl.. agree agree!

jorzac: yea, kinda cool.. you and soon eng did use the rubbish bin's cap as cymbals. Wonder if Kuching high's scout band will plagarise all of the movements in the next coming performance. let's wait! We are history makers and if other ppl follow, they will be history repeaters. haha..Well done in your splitting

By Blogger Johnson, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 5:37:00 PM GMT+8  


It certainly did.. hahaha not to mention i missed the Kuching Fest (heard its not as good this year)

By Blogger dmr, at Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 8:42:00 PM GMT+8