Monday, July 16, 2007
Hit The Mark !!

Awesome !! Enjoy reading.

We just celebrated our Hope of God Kuching 15th anniversary on Sunday morning. Hip hip hooray.. !! Great great! I woke up quite early, around 6++ am, just to get myself prepared for the worship practice. And this morning was sightly different. Why? Because I makan breakfast!! **applause applause** Okay, I was giving my body sufficient strength to sustain for the whole service.. I value my tummy a lot ba.

Reached SUPP hall around 7:35 am. Some of the performers did their self-preparation while others were busying entertaining themselves with their own schedule. I set up my guitar properly on stage, make sure that when i jumped and there will be no "Kit Kiak Kok Kiak" sound and the guitar string won't break during the session of playing. And it didn't !! WOW.. **Applause to the firm strings Applause**

I was 5% nervous and 95% excited !!

Along the rehearsal, I mean Before the rehearsal, something went out off our plan, which was POWER FAILURE !!!! Ergghhh... Black-out !!! It occurred around 8.15am. Not at this time ~~~~ Our worship team waited patiently together along with the other performers too. No electric supply, so only left the only survivor which was my little mini acoustic guitar managed to survive. And we did an unplugged practice on stage. Pretty cool though !

More visitors....

**Please be aware that the photos are not taken by me with my Pro-fes-sion-nal skills. Some are from Brenda's. So don't blame if it's not in a good effect.

9.15am --Pastor Denis led in heart preparation.

More and more visitors...

9.30am --- Showtime !!

It started off with some traditional dancing and flag swinging.

After that, moving on to the "Mouth archery". Haha.. this was so funny. The balloons that have hung up high were over fragile until those wooden arrows yea, arrowsss... bounced backward when it supposed to burst the balloons~~. Haha.. probably next time we should use **cough cough gun**. Hmm...

Practice makes perfect !

Moving on !! Praise and Worship !!! Which was led by Joshua and the team. I can't find the P&W video at the moment, will upload it if i've found one. This the only picture i have with me.

Cool and impactful !!! Everyone rushed to the front. Hmm... Mostly were the youths, what to do. We, 25 years old and below can run faster ba..hehe..

Moving on, Testimony shared by Jhung Ee and Sue Ee

Preaching..Pastor Simon, founder of Hope Kuching together with the translator, Bro. Kilat.

Pastor Simon shared "Moving Forward" which is embodied of 4 M.

1) Maturing of the Church
2) Mission Thrust of the Church
3) Ministry of the Church
4) Management of the Church

Then, leaders and pastors gathered on stage for the cake-cutting.

1, 2, 3... BLOW !!!

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to Hope Kuching,

Happy birthday to Yoouuuuu....

That was not the end yet.... Not forgetting our Closing dance ceremony !! Present to you by our MAD GEN.

**No video at the moment, will upload it once when i've the code. Wait wait..."Patience is a virtue."

!!! Thumbs up !!!

Encouragement by Pastor Simon.

Indeed, 15 years ago, it all started with 5 people. Pastor Simon + Sis Lai Eng, Pastor Denis, Jhung Ee and Sue Ee. Planting a seed church is never an easy job.

Matthew 16:18 ".....and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."

I have been joining Hope Church for 6 1/2 years. Seeing how many lives grow in maturity. People join and people leave. But the most significant thing is seeing how the Great Commission touches different lives.

15 years ago, with 5 people. After 15 years which is today itself. It grows up to more than 500 people !! Glory be unto Him. 500 people are more than just names and attendance. It is definitely lives that has been touched and transformed by Him. I will continue to grow in both my character and my spiritual life. Hope my youthful life would able to impact myriad lives for Him.

"Having the faith in God assuredly and Keeping the faith in God firmly."

I always hark back to what Pastor Denis and Pastor Simon has shared which encourages me a lot.

Pastor Denis:" All of us have only ONE life to live on earth. Let's live to the fullest that we can for God. No regret while looking back and be one of God's history makers in this generation."

Pastor Simon:" Life is certainly more than just earning money, being successful in career and etc. God has definitely places each and everyone of you something GREATER than these things. Put your life in a worthwhile vision."

To all my Swinburne's friends that joined this celebration, hope you do enjoy yourself and thanks for coming. your presence do make a difference in the atmosphere.

You guys are great !

I can't find the rest of the guys. No idea where were they. So paiseh le. No snap shot of your faces.

Glad to be part of this Big Family


So coindently, after Johnson post his blog and i was online it's my first time to "Buka Tirai" this post...
hehe..well, indeed thank God for giving me a chance to visit your church on the anniversary this year...and im glad to see my friends also called them "bro and sis in christ" now performing well on stage....good job everyone! all glory to God...Johnson, u did well on stage too;) Hallejujah!

By Blogger Esther, at Monday, July 16, 2007 at 10:10:00 PM GMT+8  


Praise the Lord!!! Indeed it was a wonderful celebration.
I thank God that I can grow up together with Hope. With this wonderful family.
Well done Johnson. Great job on stage :0
Continue to grow more in the Lord.
Shine!!! Let's Hit the Mark together.

By Blogger pmp, at Monday, July 16, 2007 at 11:35:00 PM GMT+8  


esther & pmp: Yeaps, welcome welcome. And lets continue to celebrate his goodness. Take care and grow more.

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 4:50:00 PM GMT+8  


Great Opening for our 3rd quarter! Great God has granted us a great anniversary to remind us what is church is all about. Thank God for the other day also that we able to do well in our performance. Quite nervous the other day. I've not been to stage for a long time.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 6:41:00 PM GMT+8  


Baby Johnson...I think something's wrong with ur site...been few days since I can last read comments or move to the next post...then U gonna complain about firefox again..sigh..haha...but nevertheless, it was a GREAT 15th ANNIVERSARY!!! Praise God for His faithfulness...let's all be more faithful to Him as well. Oh...u have been in Hope longer than I am already...din realised that...but time flies...the 15th anniversary also marked my 7th year in'm now 7 years old...haha...anyway, let's JIA YOU together bro!!! Take care!!! :D

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Friday, July 20, 2007 at 9:23:00 AM GMT+8  


melvin: yea you dance well yea!!! Continue to keep it up.

Mr. W: yea, in mozilla my cbox wont appear de le.. arr.. so sad sad. YEa, continue to run the race regardless of how tough the circumstances are.. =)

By Blogger Johnson, at Friday, July 20, 2007 at 3:30:00 PM GMT+8