Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Swinburne Night 2007

Waiting to read a post apropos of Swinburne Night 2007??!! What is the song that we're presenting?? It will be revealed here! Excellent! Marvellous!! I'm sure that everyone of you will have a time of one's life in reading this post. No regrets! Okay, let's begin with the rehearsal.
On that very morning, we've our last rehearsal at the storeroom. No choice, the only studio that opens in the morning. *cough cough* Something unexpected occured during the jamming session. Guess what?

My beloved wife broke into two! What I mean is my drumstick. Oh man! I bought that pair of drumstick from Singapore! And it died on that very morning?? Bad sign? Ergghh....

During the afternoon, we went to Swinburne for our try-out. Gossh, the Malay band was at there! And the way they soundcheck their intruments, stunned us! Turun our saham man! When it came to our turn to do soundcheck, honestly, we did embarassed ourself. We were not playing our actual song after all, we played "Every move i make". Swttt...

Around 5pm, all of the band members gathered at my place. And we have some hair-do and our last last rehearsal. As usual, everyone was nervous, exculded me and judieth. Hehe..The best part was that we have a group prayer before we depart. Awesome! Commit our worriedness and anxiety to God.


I bought a new pair of drum sticks before i reached Swinburne. "The old has gone,and the new has comes".

~*Theme: "It starts tonight"*~ Nice design!

Outside of the auditorium.

Everyone was waiting for the start.

Finally, the show began!

Unfortunately, the excitement was spoilt by the Master of Ceremony a.k.a MC, when he started his first line:" Good afternoon everyone.." What?? It was 7:10pm!! And still afternoon? Guess that he might has followed Australia times.**Jing jing jing** Frankly speaking, he was a bit lame He even asked us with a kayu spirit :" Are you all excited for tonight? I'm excited...~~~" Oh man, that was not cool at all, it only enhanced the coldness of the atmosphere.

Here comes the gamemaster, Mr Echo, i mean Eko who lead us for some ice-breaking game. I should not considered it as a game after all. It was about swaping your sit to another table according to the color of your ticket. Another lame start~ Happy to annouce that the baboons gang were together. After that each table was served with Sushi! sponsored by Akira Sushi. A taste of heaven! Nice and yummy!

Akira Sushi, yummy! Where's the salmon?



~*Guest performance by Hazard Minor*~

Oh man, I watched this SAME movement for 4 times! The first time when i watched, it was really cool! The second time was not bad, the third time was ok, but the fourth time was like... I even can memorise the steps.

Next performanance was presented by Cosplay which was combined with the Japanese and Anime Club. Ok, this was indeed cool! I'm not an addict when it comes to Anime. But check it out the attire they wore. Sui man!


Another character with a big parang.

Cloud, i guess. Check out with hair-do. One comment for this yellowish hair guy, throughout the whole night, he didn't even smile. Trying to act cool~ Or maybe his simen make up caused him barely move his mouth.

(Picture above) Fara sang "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. She got 3rd prize for Prom Night. Plus her beautiful voice, our saham turun drastically.

The guy (picture on top), Alda sang "It's Your Love". Oh man! This guy can sing like an angel! Awesome voice! I wonder did he used this tactic to chase his girlfriend? Hmm...How i wish i can sing like him.
Directly speaking, our confidence die out after those two performance. But, we still hang on.

(Picture above) The girls were requested to make-up the guys. And here it was. Jacqueline and Eric. I mean Ms. EricA.

Then the guys were given 10 minutes to rap, i mean Wrap..(typo errors) the girls with tissue papers. Look at Jacqueline. Guess that Ms. EricA was not talented in Wrrrrapping girls. Cheers!~

Two performance before ours, were Blank and House of Flies. Ok, lets spend some time to chit chat about these two bands. When we went for our soundcheck rehearsal at the afternoon, these bunch of people laughed at us. Looked down at us badly. Ergghh... honestly they have better skills. But please la, no need to laugh at us k.


When it came to their actual performance, Avery, Aldrin and I were all dejected and in a unachieveable condition. But.... haha... something went wrong for Blank's Lead singer. He started to sing Chao Sia (out of tune) throughout the whole song. And all of us like, huh??.. Our saham suddenly naik dramatically! And when it was House of flies's turn, oh gosshh...the lead singer sang even more Chao Sia. And our band's confidence built up once again! Yea yea! Worst to say, half of the people in the auditorium went out for a kit-kat break. So do we. We (our band members) gathered outside the auditorium and have our last prayer. I encouraged them two things :" 1) Do your best with your music talents 2) Just enjoy making music for God". And we prayed.


"Ladies and gentle, children and elephant, here's the last group that will be competing for tonight's prize of RM150. And I believe my partner is also performing. Let us welcome SILENT MODE!" (Our band name, sounds funny)

Excited! As usual we set up our own instruments, notwithstanding, Avery's amplifier was not working! Impossible! I helped him to check, and everything was in good condition. Even the P.A guy came on stage to check. But couldn't figure out what's the problem. We wasted 10 minutes on stage trying to get the sound out. (maybe it really relates to our band name: Silent Mode) And sad to say that, the bunch of people started to shout at us. Frustrated man! But...suddenly i just felt to check the output cable at the back of the amplifier. And i went. And yeayea.... SOMEONE unplugged the cable. Purposely or the cable accidently pop out by itself?? Hmm... Thank God.

Anyways, after 3 weeks of practicing. This was the moment! Song, "How do i live" lead singer, Irene Yong (also MC for the night). We did a couple of mistakes. But it was our first try in front of the public. Don't complain ok??

Silent Mode

After our performance, results were out! 200 people voted for their fav. best performance. Everyone of us was panicky and highly strung!!

"And the second prize goes to................Fara and Dale!!" Applause and big hand for both them. They deserved it!

"And the first prize for the best performance goes to........................"

**Our band members were really in silent mode. My heart beat was getting faster than the double-pedal drum beat! Almost lost control and have heart attack and die on the spot.** And i noticed that Aldrin and Avery was completely muffled.

"And the winner goes to .............SILENT MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone of us jumped up off our chair and shouted! Unexpectable! I thought that Alda might have won it. And we walked to the stage.


~*Praise to be our God!*~

!!!!!Our baboons family!!!!!

Awesome! We did our best in our performanc, without take heart of how others look down at our newbie band. I appreciate all of the hardworks and efforts our band members put in. Something i learnt, "The secret recipe for success is Prayer". Keep it up! This is a new start for us and our choir club!

Guess that we've just formed a band, "Silent Mode". Thanks for your supports.

1 peter 5:5 "..... All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

~*All glory to our Lord, Jesus.*~


you must really thank God for answering your prayer..

By Blogger Eric, at Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 1:37:00 AM GMT+8  


Praise be to God~ We played for Him, and we gave all to Him and this is how he rewards us. Whoever said God never answers prayers? ;)

Hehe.. Hope we can go further as a band! By the way, great drumming that night, Johnson!

By Blogger saykhia, at Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 1:40:00 AM GMT+8  


haha! watched the vid, nice performance but dun like the guy who's singing...-.-" polluted the voice of the lead singer

By Blogger Evonne, at Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 9:56:00 AM GMT+8  


Eric: Certainly! Then will this increase your believe in God? :p

Saykhia: Thanks! You too, eat more yea!

Evvone: duh~~ If you into the mood of singing while taking video, of cas you will sing along rite... haha

By Blogger Johnson, at Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 10:20:00 AM GMT+8  


First thing that came to mind when i knew that Silent Mode won... only one word came into my mind. "Amazing"....
Great job everyone. Nice performance.

By Blogger pmp, at Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 11:21:00 PM GMT+8  


PMP: Thanks thanks!

By Blogger Johnson, at Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 11:49:00 PM GMT+8  


Great job bro...knew u guys could do it somehow...truly happy for U! :) Add oil add oil add oil...most importantly, know that God is with U!! :@) Keep up the great work!! GBU...(btw, where's my share of pizza?)

By Anonymous Mr. W, at Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 2:53:00 PM GMT+8  


Mr W: haha.. thanks! Yeap, we will work hard to improve. Yr pizza? arr... i've ordered, duno sampai already onot..haha

By Blogger Johnson, at Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 7:14:00 PM GMT+8